We never really thought we'd be homeschooling our children, although we verbalized wishing we could at times, we never thought we were smart enough to do so, and it was dropped. But after several frustrating years of public school, and an especially bad and stressful year in 2000, within 1 month of school starting the 2001 school year, things weren't showing much improvement, and we were without solutions, and at the end of our rope, and that's when the Lord stepped in with His plan for us. Little did we know the "schoolhouse" picture we had taken of the children back in June, would confirm the Lords plan to my husband.

It was the 1st of August 2001 and we had gotten new employees at work, I just briefly saw the "new people" every night, and hadn't gotten a chance to visit with them for very long. Things began looking grim and frustrating at school after the first week was over, and I was already feeling down. I prayed every night going to work for help and answers on what we were going to do. One night around the middle of August my supervisor told me that Donna, one of the new employees homeschooled her children. I was impressed, but it didn't hit me at that point. A couple of times I saw her, it was in the back of my mind to ask her about the homeschooling, but I just thought to myself, "No you couldn't do something like that", and went on. Unfortunately, at the time, I was not able to see it was the Lord pushing me to ask her about homeschooling. The next night came and I had to be in her area for a short while, and while I was there the Lord came to me twice "Ask her about homeschooling", but I ignored His requests. I got all the way to the door, hand on the knob, and He spoke again, "Ask her about homeschooling". This time I listened, shut the door, and went back in and began talking with her about it. I had no idea of her background, where she was from or anything, and she shared her knowledge with me. She then told me she would bring me more information the next day.

After my visit with her, that was all I could think about the rest of the night. I told my husband about it the next day, and he listened with an open mind. We both knew we would need alot more information and were still skeptical about our abilities as teachers. Again, I prayed & cried all the way to work that night, asking the Lord to give me a sign if this was His answer for us. I got to work and couldn't wait to see Donna about this. I looked over the material she had brought me, and as I was leaving, I told her "I would like to do this, but I just don't think I can. I don't think I am smart enough, and it scares me". Donna looked at me with a smile on her face and said "I Guess That's What You Call Stepping Out On Faith"! At that moment I felt the presence of the Lord all around me, and I knew He had spoken those words to me right through her. I left because I was about to cry.... The Lord had given me my answer that I wanted!! I had to call her back, not knowing if she was a christian person or not, and tell her how important what she'd just said to me was. She too was a christian, and understood what I had just felt, and we both agreed that the Lord had definitely brought us together for this purpose.

bulletI went home and shared my emotional testimony with my husband, and he was glad for my experience, but he needed his own comfirmation from the Lord like I had received. One evening we were discussing the information I was reading on the internet, and he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "Oh My Gosh Tammy, The Picture". I thought for a moment and the Lord showed me too, the image of the picture we had taken of the children in the "One Room Schoolhouse" while on vacation. I knew at that moment, the Lord had given him the confirmation of His will to homeschool our children.

bulletAfter everything that the Lord had put before us, there was no denying what He wanted for our family. We proceeded to start homeschooling with prayer and faith, and continue our homeschooling with the same prayer and faith every day.

In His Service,

*Donna only worked with me for 8 months, but I do cherrish the time we spent sharing "homeschooling" stories, and stories about Our Lord. We still keep in touch. Donna's son Mac and our daughter Andrea graduated together May 13th, 2006 in a beautiful ceremony held by FHE. It was a blessing to see her again and that we were able to share the joy of graduating our childern together. The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways.

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