bulletThe most important thing to do before you make the decison to homeschool is to find out what your state/local laws are regarding homeschooling. Every state is different and you need to know exactly what your state laws are. You must stay in compliance with those state laws or criminal charges of educational neglect could be filed against you. It has happened to people all over the United States (you can find those cases listed on the HSLDA website link below). In most cases, if you keep all the records required, as set by your state laws, the charges are usually dropped when records and proof of students work are produced.

Visit HSLDA Website The Home School Legal Defense Association is a non-profit organization made up of a team of Attorneys who lobby and represent homeschooling families all over the United States in court if the unfortunate occasion arises. You must join and become a member in order to use their services, although as stated on their website, they do represent non-member cases only if they feel their case is a real a threat to the foundation of home-schooling. The fee is $100.00 per year and usually if you become a member of your state organization(s) they offer a discount of only $85.00 to join, if that organizaiton is a participant. It is highly recommended that all homeschooling families join this very important service. Please take the time to visit their website, the information is very important.

Homeschooling State Laws

bulletTo find your homeschooling laws, please click on your state link below.

Washington State LawsIdaho State LawsMontana State LawsNorth Dakota State LawsMinnesota State LawsWyoming State LawsSouth Dakota State LawsWisconsin State LawsMichigan State LawsNebraska State LawsIowa State LawsIllinois State LawsIndiana State LawsOregon State LawsCalifornia State LawsNevada State LawsUtah State LawsColorado State LawsArizona State LawsNew Mexico State LawsOklahoma State LawsHawaii State LawsAlaska State LawsTexas State LawsKansas State LawsMissouri State LawsArkansas State LawsLouisiana State LawsMississippi State LawsKentucky State LawsTennessee State LawsIllinois State LawsOhio State LawsAlabama State LawsGeorgia State LawsFlorida State LawsSouth Carolina State LawsNorth Carolina State LawsWest Virginia State LawsVirginia State LawsMaryland State LawsPennsylvania State LawsNew Jersey State LawsDelaware State LawsRhode Island State LawsConnecticut State LawsNew York State LawsVermont State LawsNew Hampshire State LawsMassachusetts State LawsMaine State Laws

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