Privates, Wedding Consulting, and Touring Choreography, Judging, and Class Rates:
Orientation 4 Dance Classes for $ 10.00 - to - Ithaca's Social Dance Economy Program.
Latina Danza
de Arte

Ballroom Theatre Arts

Lyrical and Modern

Hip Hop

Ethnic: Ie. Israeli Folk Dance
Then the various extension  programs:

After the Orientation Special the client is extended to 6 classes in the same curricula track, and 4 bonus classes in another curricula track.

Individual  rate   $ 45.00

Couple rate $ 80.00

There-after the third extension, the client can enroll in a degree program at rates of $ 12.50 to
$ 25.00 hourly class rates.
  Registration form:
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The Client's Rights to Self - Determination:
Competitions and Rates
Dance Degrees:
For Weddings, and Personal: 
Choreography for existing groups only:

                      The Choreography

4 minuets or less.....$ 150.00

4 to 8 minuets ( 1 or 2 musical items ).....$ 200.00

8 to 15 minuets....$ 500.00

After which each 5 minuet increment is.....$ 200.00


$ 75.00 per hour

4 hour block $ 250.00

8 hour day session  $ 400.00

Plus per diem and rentals if applicable.
Privates Start at $ 35.00 per hour until June 1, 2004, there-after it will be $ 40.00.  This rate only applies to those who provides the space required, and the duration of the session is 60 minuets for a single hour, and 50 minuets for two sessons in a row.  Additional costs for rental of space if provided by the instructor, and per diem ( travelling, food, and lodgings-if applicable, but not always ) is also applied to the real costs.

$ 250.00 for up to 8 hours for competitions involving youth;
$ 400.00 for adult competitions.
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