Dance Competitions
Something different from an old tradition:

During the early 50s dance competitions were attended by students and teachers of dance studios who were chosen to represent their schools.  Moreover, it was the school and not the client who picked up the tap for per diem.  It was not until the 60s when dance competitions were part of a sale package approach to sell dance  programs.  Also, the burden of the expense of per diem switched from the dance school to the client. 
My policy students who are selected to represent the school only pays for the dance private hours required, plus $ 75.00 per competing dance slot.
Put yourself in the pictures too:
Single entries 40 Private hours;
   Double entries 75 Private hours;

   Tripple entries ( school's limit ) 110      Private hours; Plus rentals.

rate schedule:

    Exceptional students will have their      private hours subsidies by the     school.
Up coming dance competitions to be attedned by the school:
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