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Reporters on reporting

Religious groups on reporting


Reporters on reporting

Journalism -- an awkward calling Terry Mattingly reports from a meeting of Christian journalists, August 1999.
Global media shirk religion  Gywnne Dyer on coverage issues, April 8, 1996.
Tips on covering religion in CanadaCanada has a very different religious profile than the U.S. A veteran Canadian religion editor describes how those differences affect how reporters should cover the beat in Canada.
Deities and Deadlines, a primer on religion news coverage by John Dart.
How to cover religion on any beat by David Crumm, Detroit Free Press religion writer.
Faith in the Newsroom: Can a reporter be a person of faith and still be a good reporter? A workshop at the June 7-9, 1998 Faith and the Media Conference featuring Debra Gyapong, CBC Newsworld; Mohammed Azar Ali Khan, former Ottawa Citizen journalist; Lesley Hughes, former CBC Radio host and reporter.
Barriers to Faith Coverage (2): What reporters wish faith groups knew about how the media works A workshop at the June 7-9, 1998 Faith and the Media Conference featuring panelists Royal Orr, United Church television producer and former host of Cross Country Check-Up; Alex Frame, Director of Programming for CBC English Radio; Casey Korstanje, religion reporter, Hamilton Spectator;Pauline Finch-Durichen, religion reporter, Kitchener-Waterloo Record.
Faith and the Media:  Can God be found there?  A long-time observer of the Canadian religous scene offers his suggestions for how the media can improve its coverage of faith. By Harold Jantz, ChristianWeek, April 1998.
Media as God's messenger: Are mainstream churches missing the media boat? According to one journalist, "they haven't gotten as far as the dock." A report about a 1996 meeting in Toronto.
Religion in a Cold Climate: A CBC reporter examines the state of religion coverage in Canada's north.
Born again and anonymous This journalist argues that to be born again is to be open to ridicule and scorn. As a result, He's "remaining in the closet, anonymous for the purposes of this article. Why? Unfortunately, some of the worst perpetrators of that prejudice and ignorance are fellow journalists."
Media and the Message The media and religion sometimes seem to live on different planets says Douglas Todd, Religion and Ethics Reporter for the Vancouver Sun.
Why people of God don't talk to the pressPaul Wilkes, September/October, 1992 Columbia Review of Journalism
Bridging the gap:  Religion and the U.S. news media    A look at the issue of how the media covers faith from a U.S. perspective. A First Amendment Center report, published September, 1993. 
Secular media have spotty record in religious news coverage  By Bob Bettson from the Spring, 1998 issue of Media Magazine, the official publication of the Canadian Association of Journalists
Religious groups on reporting

Barriers to Faith Coverage (1): What faith groups wish the media knew about faith A workshop at the June 7-9, 1998 Faith and the Media Conference featuring panelists Mary-Francis Denis, Public Relations Director, United Church of Canada; John Farrington, publisher, Cornwall Standard Freeholder and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Dennis Gruending, former English-language Communications Director for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops; and Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa, minister and senior member, Sikh Temple.
Media misses the story, Canadians who attend religious services say Results if an Angus Reid survey conducted for the Faith and the Media Conference. The survey found that 65% of regular attenders said the media does a poor job of covering faith and religion.
The Future of Religious Reporting  Newsrooms and journalism schools cynical about religion reporting.  By Dennis Gruending

The how to cover religion bookA review of two of Judith Buddenbaum's books by Joyce Smith, June 2000.
Religion coverage increasing  Why the dramatic increase in coverage of religion in mass media today? The answer may be SMERSH.
By Martin Marty for The Sightings Project, Oct. 20, 1998
Covering religion:  How they do it in Dallas  By Martin E. Marty, June 19-26 Christian Century

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