Overall rating for the series: PG-13.  Mostly for language, some sexual situations (Nothing graphic), and violence. R rated sections will be marked.

WARNING!! DANGER DANGER.  Don't read this story if you don't like Angst.  Fighting Angel is a dangerous thing and some people will lose their lives.  In other words, someone will die.


Why?  Lindsey and Faith.  Faith and Lindsey are my two of my many favorite Buffy/Angel characters.  I think the two of them are very similiar.  I've always been a sucker for the villain that isn't entirely evil.  They both have been/are on the darkside. Both of them did stupid things to try to prove to themselves and to others that they are evil.  I originally thought of the idea of doing a full fledge AU story when I wrote an currently unfinished short story called "Otherworld" where Cordelia ends up in a universe where Angel and Lindsey have switched places.  (Since Otherworld spoils the events in Have a Little Faith, I won't post it until HALF is finished).  Not only that but Faith is working with Lindsey to stop Angelus.  Then I decided to do a full fledged story based on this universe.  It seems to me that both Lindsey and Faith need "love" "family" and to know they are not alone.  This was what they get in this story which is what keeps them from the darkside.  Angel unfortunately does not have this option.  The key to this story is that Buffy never found Jenny Calender's disk and Wolfram and Hart brought Angelus back from Hell.  Although I don't think my skills of a writer match those on Buffy or Angel.  One clue to my story is that everything is done for a reason.

Note about Alex Taylor.  I just couldn't work out Faith being a PI just like Angel. She's too young and she's the slayer, so this is why I created Alex Taylor.  I needed a way to Faith to be able to still be the slayer, help Doyle with his visions, not have to worry about money and still fight Angelus.

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"Have a Little Faith" is an Original Story by "FK" based upon the TV shows: Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Text is owned by me.  The following characters are owned by Joss, David, Fox and the WB:
Faith, Lindsey McDonald, Angel/Angelus, Wesley Wyndam-Price, Allan Francis Doyle, Cordelia Chase, Kate Lockely, Lilah Morgan, Holland Manners, Lee Mercer, Charles Gunn, Alonna Gunn, Drusilla, Buffy Summers, Spike, Penn, Rupert Giles, Alexander "Xander" Harris, Willow Rosenberg, Harmony Kendall, Riley Finn, Tara MacKay, Anya, and Jenny Calender.

The following characters are my original creations: Alexandria "Alex" Taylor and Lilith Newell

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Thanks to Jon the extremely cute and hot proofreader.  To Eliza Dushka and Christian Kane who made me like their characters no matter how evil they got.  To Joss and David.  You are gods!

And to the fans of the story, especially to Lina, Tera, Angel Bridget and etc!  You guys rock!


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