Have a Little Faith, Part 9

"This is really umm-nice, walking me home and all.  But I live 7 miles from here.  Thinking we could
catch a cab like before?" Tina asked, as they left Margo's house.

"I'm tapped," Faith said.  "We need Wesley's car." She smiled; knowing Wesley would never lend her
his car. He had just purchased it a week ago; he barely liked Faith being a passenger in it.  She
doubted that he would even come pick her up, especially when she was supposed to be patrolling the

"Who's Wesley?" Tina asked.

"Oh no one."

Doyle laughed.  He thought of a way to get back at Faith for her priest comment.

"Oh, it's her old man."

"Your husband?" Tina asked, confused, because Faith looked like she was barely 18.

"No, Doyle's um-got his um-idioms mixed up. Wesley's my dad."

"Do you even know what idiom means?" Doyle asked.

"Yeah, it means big brothers are idiots."

"Oh-" Tina said.  She did not have a chance to respond, because a car came screeching halt in
front of them.  Four guys got out of the car.  One grabbed Tina and threw her into the car.  The others
went to push back Faith and Doyle.  Doyle was knocked down immediately, but Faith easily took them on.

When she saw the car begin to drive away, she ran towards it and jumped on the top.  She smashed the
window on the driver's side and grabbed the driver's head from the seat and smashed it against the top of the car.  The car rolled to a stop and she jumped off.

Faith helped Tina out of the car, while Stacy got out of the passenger's side.  Faith could tell
Tina was a little frazzled but what happened.

"Whoever you are, you don't want to get involved here, trust me."

"Screw you," Faith said.  "You tell Russell, if he touches her, I'm gonna fucking kill him."

"Running would nice about now," Doyle said.

"Why do you keep bringing home strangers at all hours of the night?" Wesley demanded when Tina, Faith and Doyle entered the room.  Doyle was completely out of breath.  He immediately took a seat on the couch. Even though they only ran a few blocks before hopping on the bus that ran near Faith's apartment.

"Tina, this is my da-oh fuck it, I just can't say it.  This is Wesley-just Wesley.  Tina's gonna lay low
here for a while."

"Your dad is English, your brother's Irish and your-"

"I was born here.  How about some tea-dad?" Wesley looked mad, but instead of speaking, he walked
into the kitchen.

When Tina saw that he was gone, she fell on the couch and into a set of tears.

Faith was a little disturbed over Tina's state. She was not quite sure what to do.

"Hey, you're safe," she finally said, touching her arm.  "Russell ain't gonna hurt you while I'm

"I thought he was a good guy.  I mean he's rich; he's helped out so many people.  I thought that when I
met Russell Winters my luck had finally changed.  Now I just want to go home."

"Oh, shit," Faith muttered.

"Something wrong?" she said, wiping her eyes.

"Yeah, I know the guy," then quickly added. "Not personally.  He's a predator. Stay away from him."

"He's the kind of guy that can get away with murder.  I think he has.  There was this girl-- She said she went home, but I don't think so."

"I bet he can, that's the reason you should stay away from him.  Let me get your money for you okay,
tomorrow? Trust me, I can get it. You can lay low here.  Doyle can watch you tomorrow, right?"

"Right," she replied.

"I won't let him find you. Promise."

For the first time, Faith stayed home.  She wanted to be out patrolling, but she needed to keep an
eye on Tina. Doyle had headed home, but he promised to be back in the morning.  Wesley was upset that Faith was not patrolling, but he did not say anything.  She expected the wrath later. Tomorrow, she would head to Margo's and put a little fear of god into her until she gave her Tina's money.

When she was sure Tina and Wesley were asleep, Faith dialed Lindsey.  She knew that Lindsey would
want hear that Tina was safe.  Lindsey picked up on the first ring.

"Faith, are you all right?" he said, frantically. She guessed he worried because she called late and at
the wrong time.  It was nice to hear that he was as worried about her than she was about him.

"I'm fine, shortcake.  I wanted to tell you Russell's girl is safe with me."

"You mean Tina Perkins?"

"Yep.  Sleeping on the couch all safe and secure."

"At least that's one less thing keeping me up at night.  Not that I'll be sleeping much tonight.  I
have an emergency meeting with Russell, but at least I'll know he didn't kill her."

She was worried about him.  She did not like the tone of his voice. "Good night, Lindsey. Try to
get some sleep."

"I will, you too."  Faith hung up the phone.  She was happy to give Lindsey good news for a change.

"Russell's girl?" said Tina from the door.  "Lindsey. Is that Russell's jerkoff lawyer?"

"It's not what you think, Tina," Faith tried to explain a little frantic.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I can't believe I fell for this crap about the church.  Is this some kind of
weird game of Russell's?"

"I don't work for Russell.  I never even met the guy, I just know he's a jerk.  Not even that. He's dangerous."

"You stay away from me." She said.  She attempted to run to the door, but Faith was faster and
tackled her.

"Let me go!" she screamed.  Faith picked her up and threw her gently on the couch.  Tina stood
still, both in fear and in the amazement of Faith's strength.

"You gotta believe me, I don't work for Winters.  He's a complete scumbag. He was gonna kill
you if I didn't save you tonight."

"What the hell is going on?" said Wesley's voice.  He appeared in the corner of his bedroom. He was wearing stripped pijamas.

"Girls, keep it down."

"Wesley, will you tell her we don't work for Russell Winters?"

"Who the hell is Russell Winters?" Wesley demanded.  "Faith, you have your duties.  This saving
the world business is gone on long enough."

"Saving the world?" Tina asked.

"Wes, Winters is a vampire.  I slay them."

"What?" Tina asked confused.  Faith turned back to her.

"Listen, I'm gonna put you on a bus to Montana, all right?  Fuck the money you were supposed to get.
Your life is more important."

"I don't understand, a vampire, like Dracula?"

"Yeah, there are vampires out there.  I got the inside scoop on Russell.  He killed your friend, you
were next."

"You slay vampires?"

"I'm the slayer.  I kill them, but on the side-Doyle he gets visions about people in trouble and
I help them.  He got a vision about you.  That's how I found you in the coffee shop.  I don't work for thechurch-I work for a higher power.  It sent Doyle a vision to save you."
Tina looked down.

"He does get visions," Wesley said, upset that Faith told this girl that she was the slayer.  "And
Faith has been helping him, much to my dismay."

"Wesley doesn't understand," Faith said

"I do, but it is not your job-"

"But you were talking to his lawyer?" she said.  "I heard you call him Lindsey."

"Lindsey is a freak of nature," Faith explained.  "He's a lawyer with a conscience."

"Mr. Winter, the Eltron merger is a go. They caved on everything after you negotiated with their
CFO. We'll bring the papers by your office tomorrow," Lindsey explained to Russell.  Russell was watching a video from Margo's party.

"I miss this one, you find her yet?  Damn Stacy scared her off."  He said motioning to Tina smiling on

"No and you haven't seen her in several weeks unless you want an attempt to kidnap charge.  She was
trying to get money from Margo to go back home, Mississippi or something.  She might have headed back there. You want us to try and find her?"

"That won't be necessary, Lindsey.  I'm sure I can find someone else- Who is this? A fresh face.  I
think we should meet."

"Should I alert the firm-" Lindsey paused for a moment when he saw that the woman was Cordelia Chase, Buffy's classmate, "that this young lady may constitute another long-term investment?"

"I don't think so. I just want something to eat."

"Eat-- we have a board meeting tomorrow morning about the Eltron merger. How about sometime next

"I want her by tomorrow night Lindsey-to um-- celebrate."

Russell looked at Lindsey.  In the last few months he had gotten some strange feelings off the
young attorney.  He seemed to be always afraid. Russell assumed it had something to do with Angelus.
He had met Angelus once or twice, but Russell considered himself a new type of vampire.  The kind
that doesn't want complete and utter destruction. Although Russell could still sense Lindsey's fear, his
face gave away that he was attracted to this woman.

"You think she's pretty?"

"Yeah," he said, hoping that it would cause Russell to go after another girl.  Not
that Lindsey wanted him to go after anyone.

Russell laughed.   "Then don't worry, I can call Margo directly.  You don't have to do it."

Lindsey did not want to put Cordelia in danger, but if he did not do something about Russell soon, he
might lose his mind.

Doyle joined Faith as they took her to the bus station.

"Thanks for everything," she said.  "The bus ticket and saving me." She stood by the bus.  It was
leaving in a few minutes, but Tina wanted to spend it with Faith and Doyle.

"Thank Wes for the bus ticket, he paid for it," Faith said and smiled.  "Of course he won't know that until the next credit card statement comes in."

"I came to LA because Montana is boring, but after what I've been through boredom may be just what
I need."

"Keep low for a while.  I'm gonna take care of Russell, but I may need some time or I may stake him

Tina nodded.  She kissed Doyle on the cheek then boarded the bus.

"But I-" Faith said.  "I saved her."

"Darling, only about ten percent of the time, mostly in artsy films, does the damsel in distress
fall for the younger sister."

"The Eltron mutual trust binder is ready for your signature," Lindsey commented.  He put the pen
and paper on the desk. "We've--"

The door burst opened and Faith entered.  "No need to get up boys," she said.   She looked towards
Winters. "I hear you like to kill young women." Lindsey looked down.  This was not something they
talked about.

He took a deep breath and walked over to Faith. "Miss, I'm with Wolfram and Hart. Mr. Winters has never been accused and shall never be convicted of any crime - ever. This is considered harassment, and if you don't leave now, we will be forced to prosecute you."

Faith smiled sweetly at Lindsey, "Prosecute this." She said and punched him in the face. Lindsey
fell to the ground, although he was not knocked out.

"Anyone else?" Faith asked.

Russell stood up.  "A slayer."

"That's me, I'm Faith.  One of the chosen two."

"Well, Faith. We do things a certain way here in LA."

"Sorry, I'm new to LA, but the old rules still apply.  I'm the slayer, you're a vampire, I have to
kill you."

"Faith, we don't have to go around attacking each other. Look at me: I pay my taxes. I keep my name
out of the paper, and I don't make waves. And in return I can do anything I want.  So I have to feed
once and a while.  There are plenty of other vampires out there who are far more dangerous."

Faith did not have a chance to respond, because a dozen of Winter's bodyguard headed towards her.

"Great chatting with you," she said.  "But I gotta run.  Russell, we'll be meeting again real

Faith quickly ran out of the room with half of the bodyguards chasing after her.

After she is gone, Lindsey tried to get up.  He touched his nose and saw that it was that it's
bleeding but not broken.

"We'll that was eventful," Russell said. "Someone like to help Lindsey?"

One of the men at the table moved to help Lindsey.

"You should get some ice on that," Russell commented, unfazed. "And Lindsey, I need that problem
taken care of, sooner rather than later."

Lindsey did not respond, instead he pulled out his cell phone.  "Hello, yes.  I believe our slayer
has a name- Faith- yes and I think we're going to have a major problem with her."

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