Links to Characters in the Story (Because these characters have A LOT of links, I am limited it to Two a piece).

Identity Crisis

Faith/Eliza Duskha
Faith Rocks
Five By Five

Lindsey/Christian Kane (Formerly Kane)
Lawyer from Hell or Guilty Pleasure

Doyle/Glenn Quinn
Doyle's Cult of Resurrection
Glenn Quinn, the unofficial Site

Angelus/David Boreanaz

Wesley/Alexis Denisof

Cordelia/Charisma Carpenter

Kate/Elizabeth Rolm

Gunn/J August Richards

Drusilla/Juliet Landau

Penn/ Jeremy Renner
IMDB Listing

Alonna/ Michele Kelly
IMDB Listing

Lee/ Thomas Burr
IMDB Listing

Lilah/Stephanie Romanov
Simple Stephanie

Holland/Sam Anderson
IMDB Entry

Fan Fiction Links for Faith and Lindsey. (They are the two main Characters)
Lindsey McDonald Fan Fiction
Lindsey's Angels

General Fan fiction Links
Guide to New Writers (of Buffy fan fic)

Other Fan Fiction Links
Lin's Dawson Creek and Angel Board (With Angel Fan Fic)



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