More Pictures
September 15 2003: New Pics added!!
Yeah added some new pics today, a few mountain bike and bmx shots taken at Ass. Park over the past few months.  Then theres a couple shots of some loser on a dirt bike (ME) trying out my newly renovated dirt kicker in my backyard.  Oh yeah, the motocross madness 2 tracks are up and working again, should have another national style track up soon, just working on minor details.
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Video Clips
July 2 2003:  New Pics added!!
Hey I finally got around to updating this site.  I got a few pics of Alex racing
Sno-Cross this winter, I should have some pics of myself from riding this spring and early summer.  I've also been shooting alot of video latley, so expect some more video clips to be gracing the fine pages of this website very soon.  P.S all the race track d/l's on the MXM2 page are all fooked up so don't even try to d/l them, not that anyone does, haha
Motocross Madness 2 Stuff
December 26 2002: Track Uploaded!!
Just finished up a new national for MCM2 called Hillside Heaven, it's got a more supercross(ish) feel to it, most of the track is on the side of a hill there is some flat ground jumps and whoops but mostly uphill and downhill sections.  I also linked all the tracks to the RFJzone.com web site (tracks take up a lot of space) still downloads like normal.  I'm not trying anymore replica tracks they're a pain in the ass!!  I think I'll do another Freestyle track next.
December 5 2002: New Video Added and Track Uploaded!!
Neil at Netvidtv.com just finished up a short video from the footage I had laying around, It's pretty damn SWEET!! Check it out NOW!!!  I also finished up a new national for motocross madness 2, it's called  Mullets in Motion, it's a fast kinda technical outdoor track, some elevation change this time.  I'm takin' a break on the recreation on all the Manitoba tracks...for now anyway.
November 22 2002: New Video Added!!
One new video clip was added today, it was filmed about a year and a half ago at Seddons Corner sand pits in Manitoba, reminds me of Seth from the first Crusty Demons video. Check it out
November 18 2002: New Freestyle Track Uploaded!
This track is not totally finished yet, it still needs a good texture and and re-skinning, but it is fun as hell anyway, final project should be done soon.        A BIG drop down jump, big step-ups, and a skate park area, along with some super kickers and natural hits and landings.
November 13 2002: New Video Added!
One new video clip is now up and working, it's only a 5 sec clip it was mostly just a test to see if it would work.  If you have any problems with the video please let me know by either leaving a message in the guestbook or e-mail.
More to come SOON!

November 3 2002:  New track uploaded!
Just uploaded the first MCM2 track, it's an outdoor national but it's supercross style.  The track is a replica of the motocross track in Beausejour, Manitoba at the C.P.T.C (Canadian Power Tobaoggon Championships) facility.  The real track has been holding races for about 5 years in this location. 
October 26 2002: Videos coming SOON!
Neil McCarthy from netvidTV.com came over and piced up a whole CRAP load of video footage I had laying around.  He will be puting together a few little clips on his website, once i get the tapes back I'll try to put a few clips up here and keep updating them as the riding and crashing goes on.
Hey everyone I need some more pics of you (yes you) doing whatever you do, fmx,bmx, snowmobiling, snowboarding, whatever!  Please include your name, and where you live so you can have your 15 mins. of fame.  I'm also in the process of filming a video with fmx,bmx, snowmobiling, etc. Any Manitoba riders interested can
e-mail me at the address below. 

[email protected]
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