MCM 2 Tracks
HillSide Heaven
Lots of uphill and downhill doubles and triples as well as whoop sections up and down the hill, BIG uphill triple, long whoop section on the flats and some places to take different lines.  My best clean lap so far is 1:59:38, anyway have fun and gimme some feedback in my guestbook or e-mail.
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Mullets in Motion
Fast wide open style Nat. with a bit of tech at the top of the hill before the downhill run for the finish line double.  all stock tetures and sky but still looks pretty good.
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Tester Stunt Track
This a little stunt track I wipped up, it has a bunch of different styles of ramps as well as natural hits and landings,  this is a beta version(not finished) still have to do a final texture and re-skin some objects, the 500 or 600 cc seems to be the bike of choice.  The custom objects came from VRT_rush, _4130BMX_ at and  Also I'd like to thank twisted dirt for all the tutorials.  Anyway if you download please leave feedback in my guestbook.
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Beausejour, Manitoba,Canada (C.P.T.C Raceplex)
This is an outdoor national track with a small supercross feel to it.  The track is located in the town of Beausejour, Manitoba at the Canadian Power Toboggan Championships (C.P.T.C) raceplex the manitoba motocross assiotiation has been holding races here for about 5 years.  It is a very tight somewhat  technical track, it requires serious braking to keep from overjumping.  Anyway if you download it be sure to leave feedback in my guestbook.
P.S. I'm going to try to recreate all the Manitoba tracks so check back soon.
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