Lex Scutari Interview

Please could you begin by recounting to us the events that lead up to your arrest by the American police last year?

Well, the chain of events that eventually culminated in my arrest dates back as far as September, 1998, when I attended a Black Metal festival in Belringen/Thuringia, and reportedly responded to the Caesarian salute in a like manner. The interest of the German state security was thus aroused; it was then further fuelled by hysterical media reports about Lords of Chaos. [Michael Moynihan's somewhat sensationalistic book about the rise of Black Metal in the early 1990's - Auldwulf.] It was inevitable that I would clash with the "German" law once again. I was charged with several political offences, and the public prosecutor made it quite clear that he wouldn't rest until I was put behind bars once more.

Fortunately, things went rather slowly during the following months, but a judge finally sentenced me to eight months jail-time for the Roman salute in July of 1999. I appealed against this sentence, however, and thereby prolonged my return to prison. In Fall 1999, though, the state security raided my home and charged my brother and me with "distributing NS-propaganda" in regard to our business: DARKER THAN BLACK RECORDS. Afterwards, one thing was followed by another very quickly. My probation was revoked due to pressure from the media and I received another penalty of eighteen months jail-time for my contributions to Lords of Chaos. I figured my arrest would occur quite soon. In this situation, I accepted an offer from the WHITE ORDER OF THULE to fly to Spokane, Washington State, to help them start a record company. I departed from Germany on December 1, 1999, and the German government issued two international arrest warrants twelve days afterwards. While living in the USA, I moved from Spokane to Richmond, VA; where I looked for an alternative to the W.O.T., whose "leadership" I realized was moronic, mentally ill, and incapable. I eventually ended up in Hillsboro, WV. It was here that the US Marshals found and arrested me on August 26th, after being tipped off by the individuals with whom I'd stayed previously. All in all, I managed to elude German authorities -- overtly as well as covertly -- for 24 months.

Could you tell us a little about your plea for political asylum in the United States?

For whatever reason -- be it shortsightedness or blatant nonchalance -- the German government acted foolishly after my arrest. Instead of insisting on the fact that my release on parole was being revoked, and thus I had to serve the remainder of my conviction for my youth offence, they made no bones about the fact that they urgently wanted me for the political "crimes" I allegedly committed. Well, in many countries this would not have made any difference. Not so in the USA though. The First Amendment of the American Constitution guarantees the freedom of speech; hence even the most extremist point of view is constitutionally protected from criminal prosecution.

Dr. Pierce and the NATIONAL ALLIANCE at once realized the political implications of my arrest. The German government wanted me for things which aren't illegal in the USA, and the US government conducted this arrest despite this plain matter of fact. So I did the only thing I could do under the given circumstances. I asked for political asylum in the USA because I am was, and will be, persecuted in the FRG for my political opinions. My asylum trial is scheduled for January 12th. Afterwards, one can appeal up to the Supreme Court. It will take quite a while until this matter is settled, and I won't be deported in the meantime.

If your asylum plea was to be refused and you were deported back to Germany, what charges will you be facing exactly?

There is the remainder of the sentence for my juvenile offence: two years and eight months, which I have to serve in prison due to the politically inspired revocation of my parole. Additionally, I would have to serve eight months for the Roman salute, and 18 months for my interview in The Lords of Chaos. This adds up to 58 months I will have to spend behind bars, without a doubt. That's not all, however! At least twelve further charges are pending against me, including charges stemming from my work for DTB Records, the interviews I've supposedly given to fanzines, and, just recently, an open letter of mine which questions whether or not the FRG is a democracy. (Open Letter) I could very well spend ten years or more in a German prison, for nothing more than speaking out and expressing myself. This is extraordinary harassment, isn't it?

The German powers-that-be have come to realize, slowly but surely, that I'm an important advocate of the fraternization, and eventual unification, of various racially aware youth cultures. I singlehandedly introduced NS and Heathen Black Metal to Skinheads in Germany, and vice versa. That's the reason why I'm hunted so savagely, and desperately. If the regime can't "divide and conquer" the opposing forces among the youth anymore, then the final days for the regime are approaching. It's not just that they want to lock me up. They want most of all to restrain me from my activism. They can -- and will -- do this effectively when I'm rotting in prison.

So this is why the Federal Republic of Germany wishes to get their hands on you on so desperately? One would have thought you had perhaps bombed a nursery or something equally atrocious to warrant such intense harrying, as it seems you have thus far suffered.

You mentioned your friendship with Dr. William Pierce, chairman of the NATIONAL ALLIANCE organisation. Could you tell us anything about your association with this exceptional gentleman?

There's a good and comradely relationship between myself and Dr. Pierce, based upon mutual respect and loyalty to each other. I got in touch with RESISTANCE RECORDS and Dr. Pierce back in 1999, when I suggested that he stock NS/Pagan (Black) Metal. He liked the idea and expanded RESISTANCE RECORDS into new musical domains. Afterwards, I kept in contact with Erich Gliebe, who is the editor of RESISTANCE MAGAZINE and general manager of the record company. When I had my falling-out with the W.O.T., I was kindly invited by Dr. Pierce to be a guest at his property in West Virginia. He knew nothing about my "crimes." He knew only of my engagement with music and my involvement with White Racial politics. Anyhow, I admit that I am a faithful adherent and admirer of this great man. I can't think of any other contemporary White Racialist who could match the powerful personality of the NATIONAL ALLIANCE chairman (save Varg Vikernes, certainly - Auldwulf.)

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. William Pierce and the NATIONAL ALLIANCE, then check out the book The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds: An Up-Close Portrait of White Nationalist William Pierce, by Robert S. Griffin. This book is now available in paperback from and other sources. Don't miss or either.

If you are given political asylum in the United States, you will in effect be exiled from your beloved Fatherland. How do you feel about this?

That's quite true, but it's even worse than that. If I'm granted political asylum, I'm effectively confined to the USA, for as long as anti-German forces govern Germany. I couldn't leave the USA without risking my subsequent arrest and deportation to Germany. The international arrest warrants for me can be enacted in every country but the USA, and you can bet the Germans will keep an eye on me. Well, this prospect is fairly unpleasant, to say the very least, because all my relatives and many of my friends live in Germany. Besides I wanted to travel throughout Europe and visit all the grand sites of Aryan heritage. That'll be out of the question when I can't travel freely anymore [I guess that puts paid to any 'goodwill' trips to Israel too - Auldwulf.]

For the time being, however, I value the advantages of asylum and the liberties involved. Human beings are adaptable creatures, and there are worse places to be than in the belly of the "Great Satan."

Could you explain to those who haven't had the opportunity to read your article why you consider the FRG to be a rogue state? (Rogue State Germany)

Why? The Federal Republic of Germany equals any Third World Dictatorship: you can get along with the powers-that-be when you stick to their party line. Step over this line, and you'll instantly realize there are no "democratic liberties" for you. You assume you have the right of free speech, the right of free association, and the right of public assembly? Get yourself involved with Pro-White politics, and then this will wise you up at once! Democratic pluralism cannot mean the shunning and penalizing of "politically incorrect" opinions. A system that works this way isn't democratic, and a state that endorses such a system isn't a democracy.

You are a self-professed Germanic Heathen. Could you explain your views on spirituality in more detail?

I'm a secular Germanic Heathen, indeed. I'm an ardent believer in the work of Carl Gustav Jung; and like him, I consider our heathen deities as archetypes of the Aryan unconscious. They live within us and through us. Every brave and fierce soldier in combat is an alter ego of Ziw, our god of war. Every wise and noble chieftain of our peoples speaks with the voice of Wotan, our Allfather. Every loving and tender wife feels with the heart of Frigg, matron of marriage and family. And so forth.

Furthermore, I wholeheartedly embrace the ancient ethics and moral guidelines of our elders. They have had sound and pragmatic conceptions of what is right and what is wrong. So should we.

For further information on heathenism, check out

What will become of the PAGAN FRONT? Will you play any part in the future development of this organisation?

This depends on my personal future, of course. Should I get deported to Germany and spend ten years or more in a German prison, then you might imagine the difficulties of any active involvement in organisational matters. Besides, as I believe in the Führerprinzip. I would not want to compromise an organisation by having it work in committee fashion; it isn't my style to argue about every necessary decision. If I think that something has to be done, then I seldom take into account what other members might think of it. From behind bars, however, I wouldn't be able to actually act out what is in my mind. For the time being, the PF will just have to do without me, I suppose. (Pagan Front)

Well, I do not wish to take up any more of your precious time, for I know that you have much to prepare for. I wish you the best of luck in your coming hearing. I there anything you would like to add?

Thank you for this interview. Good luck with your fanzine! Kindest regards to all my friends and comrades worldwide. Do right and fear no one! Wotan mit uns!

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