Rogue State Germany

The United States publishes a list of so-called "rogue states" every year: countries to be shunned by the international community and not to be dealt with. Featured on this list are, among others, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, and Burma; countries that aggressively oppress minorities and political opposition at home and abroad.

I believe the Federal Republic of Germany should be added to this list too.

Why is the FRG, commonly considered as a prime example of "democracy, pluralism, liberalism," not any better than those "rogue states?" Because, in fact, there is no "democracy, pluralism, and liberalism" for a certain segment of the German population, namely, the so-called "right-wing extremists." Since the foundation of the FRG, the Nationalists have been excluded from the exercise of their basic rights -- the freedom of expression, the freedom to gather, and the freedom of speech. And for ten years now, the Federal government is systematically cracking down on the nationalist opposition.

In the past few months this campaign of repression has reached the level of hysteria. The sole intention is to shut up the "right-wing extremists" once and for all.

In the so-called "struggle against right-wing extremism," the Federal government has outlawed dozens of organizations, has banned symbols and pictures, has seized books and newspapers, and has confiscated CD's and shut down music concerts. There are hundreds of prisoners in Germany whose sole "crime" is their exercise of a basic right: the freedom of speech.

I shall also be punished with jail time for my exercise of free speech. I am another victim of the "struggle against right-wing extremism." Nothing and no one were put in danger by my free speech, but I am treated as a criminal and threatened with jail time.

I came to the United States in order to avoid this persecution. The decision to leave home, family, and friends for an uncertain future isn't made overnight. After, I realized, however, the huge injustice I experienced and the almost inquisition-like persecution I suffered by the political police ant the courts in the FRG, I decided to go into exile and to apply for political asylum in the United States of America.

A regime that is incarcerating or exiling its dissidents, is rightly considered a "rogue state." What makes the FRG even worse than Third World "rogue states" is the Janus-headed hypocrisy involved. The FRG promises basic freedoms, but persecutes everyone who doesn't think and speak in a Politically Correct manner.

The American public must be made aware of this situation.

Hendrik Möbus
September 10, 2000
Central Regional Jail
Flatwoods, WV

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