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May 7, 2005
I have gotten more interested in
autistic advocacy lately and haven't done much creatures stuff. But I did make a bunch of learner norns, and some learner ettins and grendels. Since they are for C3/DS, I put up a C3/DS page.
Ideas: Concepts for addons for the creatures games. These ones I can't do at the moment.
Creatures Stories: Some stories having to do with any of the creatures trilogy.
This is a preview of experiments I'm planning to do.
March 27, 2004
I just put up some C2 norns who live up to their names. For example Aphrodite who is really friendly, and Ada is very happy. The counter is 290.
Old updates
This is an archive of my old updates.
March 26, 2004
I haven't updated in exactly a year. First I got depressed that this site wasn't nearly as cool as I wanted it to be and decided to give up on it, then I left behind the Creatures games for quite a while because of CL going bankrupt and such, but now I'm back. I'm just doing some adjustments right now, but I'll be putting up some info about some naturally occuring norn disorders I've found out about. Also, from now on I'll record the counter number with each update. It's 286 right now. I'm making an old updates page since I've ran out of room for the oldest one.
March 26, 2003
I haven't updated in ages, been really busy. Anyway, I'm really happy because Llan linked to me and said nice things about me on her site. I'm adding more links. I have definatly been doing creatures stuff even though I haven't been updating.
Feb 11, 2002
I haven't been very interested in C2 for a while since I've been really busy with Age of Empires and it's sequel Age of Empires II. But just now I put up my first three cobs. They're for C2. A cream cheese vender and altered versions of two Life Kit #1 cobs. I took down the Saurai Ring story, but I'll be putting it back up soon. I also made a links page and put a link to Llan.
Nov 25, 2002
I've been adding a lot to the stories, but I haven't updated for a while. I've added two new stories to the story page(Printed Norns and Saurai's Ring), and wrote a lot more to Return of the Hand. I removed the text tails too, since Cmaza said they really slow things down. I also added a counter.
Oct 23, 2002
I put up some genomes, and Return of the Hand is getting to be a very exciting/creepy story.
See my Rants page.
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