The Mechan Saga

Dark Grendel
The most miserable excuse for a Grendel this side of Albia. She fears Norns, but will attack if touched.


Grink and Grunk
These two grendels are breedable, and enjoy drinking. A lot. Especially beer.


Grendel Pack
This Family of Grendels is very breedable, very loveable, and were all specially bred by my brother. The one named Unstuck couldn't get out of his egg, so I quickly wrote a cob for him.


Inifnity Ettins
The Infinity Ettins V.1 are immortal. They will never die (hopefully). Tale and Time are featured heavily in my story: "The Mechan Saga". Included is the gen file so you can poke around with it if you wish.
They require extra sprites.


Karlie is a Child's Norn. I designed her for my little sister. She will grow to adulthood and stop. She has a pleasing personality, and is blue. WARNING: may cause overpopu-lation.

Mountain Grendels
Raised on the sharp slopes of Mt. Ragnarock, these grendels have a vicious temper.

Mechan Norns
Meet the Mechan Norns, stars of "the Mechan Saga". Sweet natured and lovable, these nornsare definately worth the download. These require the Purple Mountain Norn sprites from CL (free download): here


Swamp Grendels
Vicious mud dwellers of the mud.
Tree Grendel
Just your everyday run of the mill grendel. Figgle does feature in my story though.

Extra: Grendel Friendly
This is a cob, that once injected will turn all your grendels nice. This is very important if you wish to install Jingle, the Christmas Grendel

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