The Mechan Saga
C1 Breeds

Jingle, the Christmas Grendel 2001(Slot5)
Our mascor, Jingle, is now available to download. This lovable green critter is decked with the finest threads. His extremely bizarre vocabulary is sure to rub off on any norns, grendel, ettin or geat he encounters. And of course, he is breedable, using only the finest digital DNA. If you do not want a vicious evil grendel, please download and install the Grendel Friendly Cob.


Macrogrendels (Slot7)
The Macrogrendels are my first new breed for C1. Included in this pack are two macrogrendels named Smallish and Teeny.

Boney Grendels (Slot8)
The Boney Grendels were originally for C2.

Pewter Grendels (Slot9)
The Pewter Grendels were originally created for C3 by Elf. NOTE: they may look small, but they get REALLY big.

Download: [1] [2]


Ettins (Slot0)
These are some base ettin sprites and ettins for C1, in case you can't find the ones at AmberDawn.


Network Ettins (Slot7)
These Ettins have kewl blue hair and eyepieces. I am currently working on a cob that will help them commu-nicate telepathically.

Flame Ettins (Slot8)
The Flame Ettins were created for C2. I thought they would look nice in the mostly orange world of C1. Much thanx to whoever created them!

C3 Ettins (Slot9)
These are the Ettins from C3. It is nice to have variation among your creatures, rather than all your ettins looking the same.


Note: .att files go into the 'Body Data' folder, the .spr files go into the 'Images' folder, and the .exp files go into the main 'Creatures' folder.

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