Maestro Greg Scheer, RR&R #2

Greg Scheer and Jeff Campbell prepare to arm wrestle for the Jon Landgraf Medal in the 1995 Mass Challenge competition.


Greg Scheer is a charter member of Lair No. 1 of the RR&R. He was present at its constitutional convention and was responsible for much of the good music enjoyed at meetings of Lair No. 1 from 1995 to 1998. Greg completed his Rascal's Challenge at the 2nd Quarter 1994 meeting. He has the distinction of being named the first Rascal o' the Year in 1995. He is prolific Christian composer, has led music ministries at a number of churches, and has taught worship arts at a number of schools. For more information about Greg and his music, visit his music publishing company, Greg Scheer Music.

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