The Order of Rapscallions

The Order of Rapscallions is the highest rank within the RR&R. It is open to those who have successfully completed a Rogue's Challenge. A Rogue's Challenge is presented by the Order of Rapscallions to individuals who have attained the rank of Rogue.

The Order constituted itself and adopted a charter in March 1996. On January 18, 1997, the Order hosted the first Rogues' Dinner at which the first batch of Rogue Certificates and Rogue Challenges were distributed to all who had attained the rank of Rogue.

First Rogues' Dinner, January 18, 1997
L. to r.: Jeff Campbell, Don Kellander, Brian Holly, Lee Wolfson, Dan Morrison, Don Pickerine, David Dunn, Greg Scheer, Dennis Looney.

New Rogue Challenges were issued in 2004. At present, the Order has no completed members. There are three non-completed members, who serve as placeholders until the Order is up and running as intended. They are: Jim Barr, Dan Morrison, and Michael Moscherosch. Until such time as they are completed members, the non-completed members do not wear the regalia of the Order of Rapscallions.

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Decoration of the Order of Rapscallions