STOBAUGH (Stauback - Stowbauck)


Descendants of Johan Heinrich Staubach


Johan Heinrich Stauback

JOHAN HEINRICH STAUBACK – John Henry Stowbauck – Stauback – Stobough was born ca 1730 in the Alsace Region of Germany and died in September 1788 in Montgomery Co., VA. He immigrated on the “Rawley”, Capt. John Grove, landing 23 Oct 1752 at Philadelphia, PA. The voyage began in Rotterdam, Holland, stopped over in Plymouth, England, so Johan/John could have boarded the ship from Rotterdam or Plymouth. Many were leaving Europe about this time because of religious persecution. Johan/John was naturalized in Philadelphia in 1752 and married about 1752/53, wife unknown.

Johan/John lived around Georgetown – Philadelphia, PA, Lancaster Co. – York Co. A Henry Stroughbaugh was granted 315 acres of land along the Sinking Springs branch of the New River, Fincastle Co., VA (later named Montgomery Co.) after the American Revolution.

Children of Johan Heinrich Stauback and ---Unknown---
1. Hannah Margaret Staubach, b ca 1754, PA d 28 Jan 1836 Montgomery Co., VA, m Adam Hance, Jr
2. Andrew Stauback, b 1758 PA d 01 Dec 1823 Perry Co., TN m (1) unknown, (2) Hannah Curl m Hannah Curl
3. Henry Staubaugh, b ca 1761 PA d ca 1820-29 (Hickman Co., TN m Margaret Elizabeth Waggoner m Margaret Elizabeth Waggoner
4. ABRAHAM STAUBACH, b ca 1763, PA d Sep 1836 Floyd Twp, Putnam Co., IN
5. John Staubach, b 1765 m Leah Corder

Abraham Stauback/Stobaugh

ABRAHAM STAUBACK/STOBAUGH was ca in 1763, PA and died in Sep 1836, Floyd Twp, Putnam Co., IN. He married (1) unknown and (2) ca 1780 in Montgomery Co., VA to Christena Poopicofer, born 1767 and died after 1804 (Montgomery Co., VA), daughter of Joseph Poopicofer and Mary.

On 22 February 1790, tax rolls have Abraham as living around Plum Creek, Little River, Connolys and Strouds Branch, Montgomery Co., VA. Henry Stobaugh, Joseph Poopencofer, Sr., and Joseph Poopencofer, Jr. were listed in the vicinity. Abraham and at least one son, Jacob, moved to Floyd Township, Putnam Co., IN. Abraham was buried with the honors of war – War of 1812.

Children of Abraham Stauback and Virginia Christena Poopencofer
1. HENRY STAUBACH/STOBAUGH, b ca 1780 Montgomery Co VA d Mar/Apr 1811, Davidson Co., TN
2. Mary Stobaugh, b ca 1782, VA
3. John Stobaugh, b ca 1791 d Jun 1850 m Elizabeth
4. Jacob Stobaugh, b ca 1795 d ca 1849, Floyd Twp, Putnam Co., IN
5. Abraham Stobau, b 1796 m Magdalena Kinsall
6. James William Stobaugh, b 15 Apr 1800 VA d 10 Mar 1850 Christian Co., IL

Henry Stauback

HENRY STAUBACK/STOBAUGH was born ca 1780 in Montgomery Co., VA and died March/April 1811 in Davidson Co., TN. He married 24 December 1799 in New River Valley, VA, to Virginia Rebecca Berry, daughter of Isaac Berry and Jane Hale. Rebecca was born ca 1782, Dublin, near New River, Montgomery Co., VA and died after 1830 in Louisa Twp, Lawrence Co., KY. Henry served in the War of 1812, Capt. Cloyd’s Militia. Rebecca, as Administrix, delivered an inventory of the sale of Henry’s property at the July Court Sessions of 1811, Davidson Co., TN.

Children of Henry Stauback and Virginia Rebecca Berry
1. Anny Stobaugh, b ca 1805/10, d bef 1830
2. ISAAC STOBAUGH, b 1810 Davidson Co., TN d 1891 Platte Co., MO
3. Henry Stobaugh, b ca 1805/10 m 10 Mar 1825, Lawrence Co., KY Hiley Moore, b ca 1807

Isaac Stobaugh

ISAAC STOBAUGH was born ca 1811 in Louisville, Kentucky or Davidson Co., TN and died 1891 in Platte Co., MO. He married 16 May 1832 in Lawrence Co., KY to Elizabeth Sue Williams, born 1812 in NC and died 1892 in Platte Co., MO. She was the daughter of William Williams and Easter Ann Adams. In 1840, Isaac moved to Dearborn, Platte Co., MO and had a farm just a few miles from Thomas Ingram in Green Township, Platte Co., MO.

Isaac Stobaugh – 1830-1839 Cencus Index #MO 1742044
Isacc Stobaugh - 1839 – Platt Co., MO Tax List
Isacc Stobaugh -1850 – 1850 Federal Cencus, Jackson Township, Andrew Co., MO #MOS7a5161280 p. 123 References: "Memories That Never Die" by Maude Markee Nee Ingram.

Child of Isaac Stobaugh and Elizabeth Williams
1. ANN MARIA STOBAUGH, b 24 Sep 1832/37, Lawrence, KY d 1904
2. Sidney Julia Stobaugh
3. Esther A. Stobaugh
4. William Stobaugh, b Jan 1841, KY
5. John D. Stobaugh, b Nov 1849, Green, Platte Co., MO d 04 May 1926 Kansas City, MO
6. Phoebe Stobaugh, b May 1849
7. Kenos Francis Stobaugh, b Mar 1850, MO d 08 Jul 1927 Buchanan Co., MO
8. Tom Stobaugh, b Mar 1850, MO
9. Oliver Martin Stobaugh, b 1853
10. Rueban Stobaugh, b Mar 1858, MO
11. Floyd Stobaugh, b Dec 1858
12. Nancy J. Stobaugh

Ann Maria Stobaugh

ANN MARIE STOBAUGH was born 24 Sep 1832/37 in Lawrence, Kentucky, and died 18 May 1904 in Clay Co. She was married by Rev. I.T.William on 28 Feb 1861 in Ridgley, Platte Co, MO to Albert Hiram Ingram, son of Thomas Ingram and Sarah Moore. Ann was born in Lawrence County, Kentucky in 1837 and was brought to Platte County, Missouri in 1840 by her Stobaugh family. She was in the census of Platte County in 1840. There is no trace of who her real parents were, but her mother was supposed to be a Cherokee Indian maiden. All records were destroyed by fire during the Civil War. She is buried in Goss Cemetery near where her home was in Paradise, MO. Albert was born in 1831. He served in Company E in the Missouri Militia about 15 months before enlisting 20 Oct 1863 at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. He was honorably discharged at Fort Leavenworth, December 1865. He lost his left hand after an accident with a horse-powered corn crusher on his farm in March of 1895. He was almost blind at the time.

References: "Memories That Never Die" by Maude Markee Nee Ingram.

Children of Ann Marie Stobaugh and Albert Hiram Ingram are
1. WILLIAM FRANCIS INGRAM, b 20 Dec 1861 Ridgley, Platte Co, MO d 1945
2. Minnie J. Ingram, b 19 Nov 1863 Clay Co, MO
3. Mattie Eudora Ingram, b 03 Oct 1865 Lawrence Co, KY d 1943 Nevada, MO m George Buchele
4. Viola Victoria Ingram, b 05 Sep 1868 d 1968
5. Hiram Edward Ingram, b 22 Apr 1870 d 1948
6. Thomas Wayne Ingram, b 17 May 1872 d 1950
7. Louise Myrtle Ingram, b 08 Feb 1874 Clay Co, MO d ca1946-48 Portland, OR
8. Elizabeth Nell Ingram, b 04 Nov 1877 d 1972
9. Logan Ingram, b 08 May 1879 Clay Co, MO d a youth

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