Descendants of Alexander Ingram


Alexander Ingram

ALEXANDER INGRAM was born in 1698 in Botetourt County, Virginia. Alexander's father, b England, is supposed to be among the first setters of Virginia. Alexander received a land grant of 400 acres and grew tobacco. He married in 1723 to Mary Ann ----. They had six children - all born in Botetourt County, Va. He made his will in 1780 and died the same year. He appointed his wife Mary Ann and son John as his executors of the estate. Alexander’s son William was attorney for his brother John. In May 1783 the will was proved and settlement made.

References: "Memories That Never Die" by Maude Markee Nee Ingram.

Children of Alexander Ingram and Mary ---- are
2. Alexander Ingram, b 1724
3. John Ingram, b. 1725
4. James Ingram, b. 1727
5. Mary Ingram, b. 1729
6. Ann Ingram, b. 1730

William Ingram

WILLIAM INGRAM was born in 1723 in Botetourt Co, Virginia, and died in 1805. He was drafted for service in the Revolutionary War but his son Thomas served in his place. He acted as Attorney in a court settlement of his fathers' estate in Botetourt County for his brother John. William went to Bath Co., VA and died in 1805.

References: "Memories That Never Die" by Maude Markee Nee Ingram.

Children of William Ingram and ----
1. Abraham Ingram, b 1745
2. Uriah Ingram, b 1747
3. THOMAS INGRAM, b 1749 Botetourt Co, VA

Thomas Ingram

THOMAS INGRAM was born in 1749 in Botetourt County, Virginia and died after -- Jul 1817. He married ca 1777 in Bath County, Virginia. His wife is unknown. He appointed his sons, Purnell Ingram and Thomas Ingram, Jr. to act as his executors in the settlement of his estate. In his will, he asked that his Negro slaves be freed at age 25. His estate was divided between his children, share and share alike."

References. "Memories That Never Die" by Maude Markee Nee Ingram, p 24, "Will Book A", p 175. At a court held 11 July 1817 of the County of Bath and Commonwealth of Virginia, will dated 31 August 1815. Signed by Thomas Ingiam.

Children of Thomas Ingram and ----
1. Collins Ingram
2. Purnell Ingram
3. Elizabeth Ingram
4. Abraham Ingram
5. Elaine Ingram
6. Levina Ingram
7. THOMAS INGRAM, b 1779.

Thomas Ingram

THOMAS INGRAM was born 1779.

Child of Thomas Ingram and ----
1. THOMAS INGRAM, b 1802 Bath Co, VA

Thomas Ingram

THOMAS INGRAM was born in 1802 in Bath County, VA and died after 1850. He married in 1828 in Lawrence Co, KY to Sarah Sally Moore, dau of Hensley Moore. Sarah was born in 1805 in Bath Co, VA. The family moved from Brunswick Co, VA to Lawrence Co, KY in 1832. In 1840, they moved to Green Township, Platte Co, MO, where the last three of their children were born. Their fifth son, Jefferson, was killed at Ridgley, MO by a band of Confederate soldiers in the Civil War.

References: "Memories That Never Die" by Maude Markee Nee Ingram.

Children of Thomas Ingram and Sarah Moore are
1. Hiram Ingram , b 1830 Brunswick Co, VA
2. ALBERT HIRAM INGRAM , b 28 Jul 1832 Lawrence Co, KY d 15 Aug 1925 Mulhall, Logan Co, OK
3. Caroline Ingram, b 1834 Lawrence Co, KY m 1860 Clay Co, MO to Georgie Masoner
4. Elizabeth Ingram, b 1835 Lawrence Co, KY
5. Jefferson Ingram, b 1837, Lawrence Co, KY
6. Elihu Ingram, b 1839 Lawrence Co, KY d 20 Oct 1929
7. Wayne P. Ingram, b 1841 Platte Co, MO
8. Martha Ingram, b 1843 Platte Co, MO
9. William E. Ingram, b 1846 Platte Co, MO

Albert Hiram Ingram

ALBERT HIRAM INGRAM was born 28 Jul 1832 in Lawrence County, Kentucky, and died 15 Aug 1925 in Mulhall, Logan County, Oklahoma. He married 28 Feb 1861 in Ridgley, Platte Co, Missouri to Ann Maria Stobaugh, dau of Isaac Stobaugh and Elizabeth Williams.

Service Record War Department Adjutant General's Office Albert H. Ingram, Co. E. 16 Reg't. Kansas Cavalry. Age 31: five feet, ten and one-fourth inches tall. Complexion: fresh: gray eyes: light hair. Birthplace; Lawrence County, Kentucky: occupation, farmer. Born 1831. Signed: Geo. Andrews, Adjutant General. Married by Rev. I.T.William Enlisted 20 Oct 1863 at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. Albert H. Ingram, Co. E in the Civil War for Missouri Militia about 15 months pre-war to entering service as volunteer as stated. Resided in Platte County, Missouri nine years, then in Clay County, Missouri for 31 years, and Mulhall, Logan County, 18 years as a farmer.

Pension application: State of Missouri, Jackson; month of December. Albert H. Ingram, age 63, resident of near Smithville, Missouri, that he is the identical man who was enrolled in the Co. E., 6th of December, 1865, was honorably discharged at Fort Leavenworth, December 1865; and is unable to earn support because of loss of left hand by being crushed while preparing feed for stock. Done by accident. He has no vicious habits. Asks to be placed on the pension roll at Kansas City. Signed: Albert H. Ingram.

William F. Ingram, age 34. Lives near Smithville, Missouri. Was on Monday, the 11th day of March, 1895, says: I was present on the farm of J.C. Wilkerson, two and one-half miles north of Smithville, assisting Albert Ingram while crushing corn on a horse-powered corn crusher, being present at the time only myself and Wilkerson, and the said Albert Ingram. We were just finishing the work. Ingram attempted to push the last ear of corn down into the hopper. In doing so, his left hand was caught in the crusher accidentally and before the horses could be stopped, his hand was pulled into the crusher as far as the wrist joint. The injury was so great that the hand had to be amputated at the wrist joint. Of my certain knowledge, Albert H. Ingram to be a man of high character. Signed: William F. Ingram.

Albert received a pension at that time at Mulhall, Logan County, Oklahoma. He was almost blind. He moved to Mulhall, Oklahoma 18 May in 1920. Received a pension raise to $75.00. p. 35 Certificate of Death: Oklahoma State Board of Health - Bureau of Vital Statistics, Oklahoma City, OK. Died: Logan County, Mulhall Died of Arterio Sclerouso & results p. 127 Service Record 3 years Leavenworth, Kansas Cavalry (1861-1863) 2 years Missouri Militia; as Sergeant (1861-1863) Civil War - discharged 1865.

References: "Memories That Never Die" by Maude Markee Nee Ingram.

Children of Albert Hiram Ingram and Ann Stobaugh are
1. WILLIAM FRANCIS INGRAM, b 20 Dec 1861 Ridgley, Platte Co, MO d 1945
2. Minnie J. Ingram, b 19 Nov 1863 Clay Co, MO
3. Mattie Eudora Ingram, b 03 Oct 1865 Lawrence Co, KY d 1943 Nevada, MO m Geprge Buchele
4. Viola Victoria Ingram, b 05 Sep 1868 d 1968
5. Hiram Edward Ingram, b 22 Apr 1870 d 1948
6. Thomas Wayne Ingram, b 17 May 1872 d 1950
7. Louise Myrtle Ingram, b 08 Feb 1874 Clay Co, MO d ca1946-48 Portland, OR
8. Elizabeth Nell Ingram, b 04 Nov 1877 d 1972
9. Logan Ingram, b 08 May 1879 Clay Co, MO d a youth

William Francis Ingram

WILLIAM FRANCIS INGRAM was born 20 Dec 1861 in Ridgley, Platte Co, MO, and died in 1945. He married ca 1890 in Leon, KS to Cora E. Shawler, dau of James Shawler and Sarah Presley. He worked for the railroad and was a farmer. He staked a claim at Altus, OK but returned to Perkins, OK. Cora died of TB.

References: "Memories That Never Die" by Maude Markee Nee Ingram.

Children of William Francis Ingram and Cora Shawler
1. Anna Maude Ingram, b 1891 Hopkins, MO
2. VERNA BELLE INGRAM, b 18 Dec 1892 Hopkins, MO
3. Orval Edward Ingram, b 17 Dec 1895 Smithville, MO d. 1978 Veterans Hospital, Oklahoma City, OK

Verna Belle Ingram

VERNA BELLE INGRAM was born 18 Dec 1892 in Hopkins, MO, and died in San Diego, CA. She married in 1910 in Guthrie, Logan Co, OK to Joseph Wilburn Clow, parents unknown. Joseph was an oilfield driller and tool dresser in Payne Co, OK when Cushing, Ok was a tent town. He drilled around Mulhall, Orlando, Garber, Covington, and Enid (all in OK) and once was sent to Olney, IL. When the oil business slowed down the family moved in November of 1938 to Burbank, CA and Joseph went to work in the airplane factories. They had moved to Glendale, CA by 1942. They bought a home in the Glendale hills near La Cresdeda, CA after Joseph retired in 1950.

References: "Memories That Never Die" by Maude Markee Nee Ingram.

Children of Verna Belle Ingram and Joseph Clow
1. ---- Clow (twin), d as an infant
2. ---- Clow (twin), d as an infant
3. Bernice Clow, b 07 Mar 1910 Mulhall, OK d 1968 CA
4. GLENWOOD WILBUR CLOW, b 22 Apr 1912 Mulhall, Logan Co, OK d Woodville, Tyler Co, TX
5. Easter Ann Clow, b 04 Apr 1914 Mulhall, OK m William Michael Weber, Jr.
6. Virginia Ann Clow, b 06 Nov 1923
7. James Clow, b 18 Sep 1930 Garber, OK

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