Descendants of John Shivers


A Bit of Family History

"The Name In the Fourteenth Century - The name Shivez is of French origin and became known in Scotland at the time France possessed a good part of that country. The name Shivers was modernized and probably Americanized from either Shivez or Chivers in the Fifteenth Century. Different spellings: Chievre, Chevre, Cheever, Cheevers, Chiver, Chivers, Chever, Chevers, Chivez, Chivers, Shivas, Schivaz, Schivas, Shivez, Shevez, Shives, Shavers, Shevers, Shivor, Shivar, Shiver, Shyvers, Cheves, Shive, Shifers, Shave, Chiffers, Cheavers, Schivvers, and Shivers."

Leonard Wilson, Archivist, London and San Francisco, California, states that `Like a vast number of surnames of European origin, that of Shivers has been variously spelt and differently pronounced through the generations.' The spelling of Shivers is evidently a comparatively recent development as research of accessible British and French records fails to disclose this spelling of the surname. It is evident, however, that it was originally written Chievre and Chevre, and latinized as Capra. Later other variations occurred such as Cheever, Cheevers, Chever, Chiver, Chivers, etc. That this family is of ancient and distinguished lineage is evidenced by the following extract from the book written by Mark Anthony Lower, who writes: ' The name Cheever is taken from the French "chevre". In the Records of the British Landed Gentry, too, it is stated that the 'family was established in England by a Norman Knight in the Army of the Conqueror, and in Ireland by Sir William Chevre, one of the companions of Strongbow."

Among the settlers who came to the Atlantic shores were two boys who left either Scotland, England or Wales. One brother, John, and his descendants were to remain in New Jersey. Almost all of this branch remained in the east, very few of the descendants went south to live, and almost none are found west of the Mississippi River. The other brother migrated south, but his first name was not recorded by either his descendents or John. Virginia seems to have been the nucleus of the unknown brother's descendants. . The southern branch continued to immigrate to many parts of the United States; from Virginia and Maryland, some moved north to New Hampshire, went west as far as California or from the Carolinas and Georgia to Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Tennessee. The difference in the original brothers immigration patterns seems to hold true through their descendants. It also makes tracing John's descendants easy while the reverse holds with the southern branch.

Early Settlers


John Shivers

JOHN SHIVERS was born ca 1753 in Anson County, North Carolina and died before 1840 in Simpson Co., Mississippi. He married ca 1800 Chesterfield Co., South Carolina, to Jemima Berry, died before 1837 in Simpson, MS. Jemima was the daughter of John Berry and Jemima ---. John Shivers's father could have been William Shivers.

He witnessed a deed of William and Rebecca Shivers of Chesterfield County, South Carolina, to Marmaduke Miers of Anson County, North Carolina, dated 18 October 1795, for sixty pounds sterling.

In 1800, William Shivers, John Shivers, Alexander Shivers, John Berry, Jr. and German Berry lived near each other in Chesterfield County, South Carolina, just across the border from Anson County, North Carolina. The 1820 Census shows John Shivers and John Berry gone from Chesterfield County, Greenville, South Carolina and German Berry soon left also. The move included Daniel and Catherine Beasley. John moved to what was then known as the Mississippi League, afterwards made into the State of Mississippi about 1816. John Berry, brother of Jemima, probably went with John Shivers on the migration as he is also found in the Marion County 1820 Census. John Shivers is listed with seven males and four females. John settled in the southern part of the state on a beautiful stream known as 'Silver Creek" in Simpson County, Mississippi, and there reared a family of five listed below. He likely had other children as there is a John Shivers on the 1824 Tax Rolls of Marion County with only two in the family and one poll which indicates a young man.

Reference: "Shivers Genealogy"by Marcus O. Shivers, BS, PbG, MD.

Children of John Shivers and Jemima Berry
2. Tom Shivers
3. Blanche Shivers, b 28 Feb 1800 d 07 Oct 1887 m Isaac Fortenberry
4. Evan (Ivan) Shivers, b 1802 SC m Pheriba Beasley, b 1814 SC
5. William R. (Buck) Shivers, b 22 Jul 1812 SC d 12 Feb 1878.
6. Alice Virginia Shivers, b 08 Oct 1807, SC d 1836 Tyler Co., TX, m 1831 Lawrence, MS James Talley Fortenberry

William Gilbert Shivers


References: "Shivers Genealogy" by Marcus O. Shivers, BS, PbG, MD p. 44.

Children of William Gilbert Shivers and ---- Unknown ----
1. John Franklin Shivers, d aged 30
2. Mary Shivers
3. Eliza Shivers
4. Katherine Shivers.
5. Alice Shivers
6. Blanche Shivers
7. Nancy Shivers
8. ROBERT MCGEE SHIVERS, b 30 Jun 1843 d 10 Sep 1929

Robert McGee Shivers

ROBERT MCGEE SHIVERS was born 30 Jun 1843, and died 10 Sep 1929. He married Francis I. McAlister, b 25 March 1844 d 20 December 1913.

Children of Robert McGee Shivers and Francis McAlister
1. William Gilbert Shivers
2. Clarence Craig Shivers
3. Robert Allen Shivers
4. Cruise C. Shivers
5. Mary Elizabeth Shivers, b 02 Apr 1874 d 09 Oct 1882
6. JOHN FRANKLIN SHIVERS, b 10 Nov 1880 d 04 Jan 1965 Woodville, Tyler Co, TX

John Franklin Shivers

JOHN FRANKLIN SHIVERS was born 10 Nov 1880 in Woodville, Tyler County, Texas and died 04 Jan 1965 in Woodville. He graduated as a Physician and a Pharmacist in 1906 from the School of Medicine, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana. John worked his way through college cutting railroad ties. He married 1) to Nan Young and 2) on 07 Jan 1913 in Woodville, Tyler County, Texas to Mae Belle Getsinger, daughter of John Getsinger and Mittie Virginia Hood. Nan Young's death was connected with childbirth ca 1909-10 in Kountze, Harden County, Texas. He met his second wife, Mae Belle Getsinger, when she had an appendicitis attack. "Doc" owned and operated a sawmill, had properties of timber and ranch land, and raised 'prized' hogs and various other livestock. As a physician, with what would now be considered extremely limited facilities, he could by look, smell, and touch frequently amaze specialists with his accuracy as an diagnostician. In the 1960's he was still receiving chickens and garden produce as payment for medical services, probably one of the last doctors to do so.

Children of John Franklin Shivers and Mae Belle Getsinger
1. CLAYTIE LEE (Kit) SHIVERS, b 17 Nov 1916 Woodville, Tyler Co, TX
2. Virginia Frances Shivers

Claytie Lee Shivers

CLAYTIE LEE (Kit) SHIVERS was born 17 Nov 1916 in Woodville, Tyler County, Texas. She married on 31 Dec 1937 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co, Oklahoma to Glenwood Wilbur Clow, son of Joseph Clow and Verna Ingram.

Children of Claytie Lee Shivers and Glenwood Wilbur Clow
1. GLEN ALLEN CLOW, b Beaumont, Jefferson Co, TX m Elaine Brewer
2. Joe Clayton Clow
3. Jack Clow
4. Claytie Lee (Sue) Clow
5. Virginia Ann Clow
6. Janis Louise Clow
7. Richard Lynn Clow

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