Descendants of John Gustaf Thompson


John Gustaf Thompson

JOHN GUSTAF THOMPSON was born on 07 Dec 1823 in Stockholm, Sweden , and died on 01 Apr 1893 in Logan County, Oklahoma. He married on 21 Aug 1853 in New York City, New York to Sara Louise Beene. Sarah was born in New York City and died there of post-diphtheria heart disease. In the 1880 New York census John and Sarah were living on 235 Mulberry Street (a brownstone) with 4 children. John was expected to follow in his father's career (a commissioner in Stockholm) but John visited the United States, met and married Sarah. Sarah's mother either was in poor health or had no other children to look after her, and Sarah would not return to Sweden with John.

John volunteered when President Lincoln asked for 75,000 men to put down the attack at Ft. Sumner but was injured while lifting logs and was medically discharged. In 1886-87 John was working in an upholstery factory and fell through a trap-door, breaking his pelvis. While in Bellevue Hospital his daughter, Martha, would walk down Orchard Street to visit her father in hospital through what is now Greenwich Village (near Little Italy). Unable to work, John collected his Civil War pension and in 1888 he and Martha visited Sweden, Norway and Denmark. He could find no living relatives in Sweden. They planned to live permanently in Sweden but returned to the United States to settle his business affairs. He received a letter from his son, Andrew, asking him to visit Guthrie, Oklahoma, but by the time they arrived, Andrew had decided to go on to Wyoming and was killed in a train wreck. Not long after they arrived in Guthrie, John had a heart attack. Afraid he would die and leave her alone far from any relatives, he arranged her marriage to James Anderson, whom John considered an up and coming young man, owning a store and a farm of 160 acres. He died on James and Martha's farm two years later. John belonged to the Lutheran Church.

References: "1880 Soundex New York", T-765 Roll 169 T-512 thru T-525 Thompson T-512 Vol.47 Sheet 21 ED 62 Line 30.

Children of John Thompson and Sara Beene
1. Sarah Louisa Thompson, b 21 Jun 1854 Boston, MA d 1922 Lakewood, NJ m ---- Burge
2. Rebecca Clare (Becky) Thompson, b 22 Nov 1855 Boston, MA
3. Lucy Christine Thompson, b 17 Oct 1861 NYC, NY
4. Henry Samuel Thompson, b 26 Jul 1867 Hudson City, NJ d 1883 NYC, NY (d of post-diphtheria heart disease)
5. Andrew Steven Thompson, b 02 Sep 1871 Morrisville, NJ (d in train wreck-never married)
6. Joseph Edward Thompson, b 10 Apr 1874, Morrisville, NJ (d in infancy of diphtheria)
7. MARTHA ARABELLE THOMPSON, b 18 Jan 1876 Fairfield, NJ d 06 Jan 1968, Norfollk, VA

Martha Arabelle Thompson

MARTHA ARABELLE THOMPSON was born on 18 Jan 1876 in Fairfield, New Jersey, and died on 06 Jan 1968 in Norfolk, Virginia. She married on 16 Mar 1891 in Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma to James Newton Anderson , son of Daniel Meeks Anderson and Margaret Sicker. All of Martha's children were born in Logan County, some on the farm and others in Guthrie.

References: Patent Record filed for Record 9 Feb 1901 Recorded in Book 3, p 1214, Homestead Certificate No. 1771 Application 1896 Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory James N. Anderson - NW quarter of Section 35 in Township 16 North of Range 1 West of Indian Meridian in Oklahoma Territory, containing 160 acres. Given, at the City of Washington, 21 May 1998 Recorded Vol. 4, p 182.

Children of Martha Arabelle Thompson and James N. Anderson
1. Alice Anderson, b ca 1892 d at birth
2. Nellie Jane Anderson, b 19 Aug 1893 d 09 Oct 1977, Guthrie, OK m 24 Apr 1916 Frank Kroeger
3. Mabel Anderson, b 1895 d 1896
4. Ruth Amy Anderson, b 13 Dec 1896 d 15 Aug 1980, Dallas, Dallas Co, TX m Fred L. Haynes
5. Beatrice Mae Anderson, b 01 May 1898 d 05 Jan 1979, Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS m Charles R. Jacox
6. Arlie Hubert Anderson, b 12 Sep 1899 d 28 Feb 1987 m. Lillian Reade
7. Dollie Grace Anderson, b ca 1900 d 1906, Guthrie, OK
8. Ethel Anderson, b ca 1902 d 1906, Guthrie, OK
9. Homer Anderson, b ca 1903 d 1906, Guthrie, OK.
10. Lillian Anderson, b ca 1904 d 1906, Guthrie, OK
11. Gertrude Ruby Anderson, b 12 May 1907 d 1996
12. James Howard Anderson, b 27 Jul 1909 d 26 Feb 1980 m Vera Eubanks
13. ISABELLE CHRISTINE ANDERSON, b 20 Mar 1911 d 27 May 1992 Houston, Harris Co, TX.
14. Irene Freda Anderson m Albert Kenneth Harris
15. Robert Newton Henry Anderson m Bernice Alphild Woodford
16. Thomas Anderson, b 1917/18 d 1917/18

Sisters of Martha Arabelle Thompson

This is a departure from the usual format of these pages. We know little about these lateral families, therefore, they are included here in the hope that someone knows of them.

Sarah Louisa Thompson was born on 21 Jun 1854 in Boston, Massachusetts, and died in 1922 in Lakewood, New Jersey. She married ---- Burdge.

Children of Sarah Louisa Thompson and ---- Burdge
1. Ida Burdge, m ---- unknown ----, moved to Canada
2. Laura Burdge
3. Lucy Burdge
4. Andrew Vanderhoof Burdge
5. Pauline Burdge
6. Viola Burdge, d Jul 1983 m ---- Searing
7. Harold Daniel Burdge, never married
8. Ella Burdge, b 1887 never married

Rebecca Clare (Becky) Thompson, was born on 22 Nov 1855 in Boston, Massachusetts. She married on 17 Dec 1875 to George Applegate. She died on trip to Canada of meningitis. They lived in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Children of Rebecca Clare Thompson and George Applegate
1. Christine Applegate
2. Ethel Applegate
3. Theodore Applegate
4. Jerry Applegate

Lucy Christine Thompson was born on 17 Oct 1861 in New York City, New York. She married (1) to Charles Hues and (2) on Easter Sunday in 1885 to Lewis Anderson.

Children of Lucy Christine Thompson and Lewis Anderson
1. Roy Anderson
2. Clarence Anderson, b ca 1880
3. Leslie Anderson, b ca 1880

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