RODERICK (Rothrock, Rodruck)


Descendants of Hanns Rothrock


Hanns Rothrock

HANNS ROTHROCK was born ca 1602 in Leiselheim, (Worms), Germany. He married Anna Engel on 10 May 1626, Germany. Anna Engel was born 30 May 1606 in Leisselheim, Germany. d. 30 Sep 1681, Germany (as provided.

Children of Hanns Rothrock and Anna Engel
1. MICHEL ROTHROCK, b 1639 Leiselheim, (Worms), Germany d 1702 Leiselheim, (Worms), Germany
2. Johann Valtin Rothrock, b 1628 Leiselheim, (Worms), Germany
3. Johanna Rothrock, b ca 1641

Michel Rothrock

MICHEL ROTHROCK was born 1639 in Leiselheim, (Worms), Germany, and died 1702 in Leiselheim, (Worms), Germany.

Children of Michel Rothrock and ---- unknown ----
1. JOHANNES ROTHROCK, b ca 1684-86, Leiselheim, (Worms), Germany

Johannes Rothrock

JOHANNES ROTHROCK was born ca 1684-1686 in Leiselheim, (Worms), Germany. He married ca 1711 in Leiselheim, (Worms), Germany, to Anna Margaretha ----. Anna was born in 1690 in Leiselheim and died ca 1730-36. Johannes came to America in 1735.

References: "Our Kin - The Rodericks, Slifers, Arnolds, Millers and Allied Family Lines", Copyright Ella Maude Brooks Dulany, "War Patriot Index - Centennial Edition" Part 3.

Children of Johannes Rothrock and Anna Margaretha ----
1. Phillip Jacob Rothrock, b 14 Aug 1713 Leiselheim, Germany d 28 Feb 1803 PA m.(1) Catherine Kuntz (2) Elenora Maquinet Galatin
2. Johannes Rothrock, Jr, b 1716 Leiselheim, Germany d. 1794 m Maria Kreiling
3. Anna Margaretha Rothrock, b 1718 Leiselheim, Germany m John Henry Schultz
4. Johann Rothrock, b 1721 Leiselheim, Germany d 20 Sep 1806 Northampton Co, PA m Elizabeth Roemig
5. LUDWICK ROTHROCK, b 1723 Leiselheim, Germany d 1797 Washington, MD
6. Charitas Rothrock, b 1727 Leiselheim, Germany
7. Andrew Rothrock, b 1730 Leiselheim, Germany d 1804 m Eave ----

Ludwick Roderick

LUDWICK RODERICK was born 1723 in Leiselheim, (Worms), Germany, and died 1797 in Washington County, Maryland. He married Catherine ----. In the 1790 Maryland Census, Ludwick had in his household 2 males older than 16 and three females. It is believed that Ludwig moved to Frederick County, Maryland, in 1752 or shortly thereafter. He probably rented or farmed on shares at first. His first land purchase was on June 16, 1762 There were many subsequent purchase and sales, the last being in 1771. He signed the deeds, Ludwig Rothrock, but was variously recorded in the records as Rodrock, Rodruck, Roadrock, Roadrok, Rodrack, and Roderick.

On 23 September 1762 Ludwig Roderick, German Protestants in Frederick County, come into Court and in pursuance of an Act of Parliament made and passed in the 13th year of the Reign of his late Majesty, King George the Second, Instituted, an Act for naturalizing such foreign protestant and others therein mentioned as are settled or shall settle in any of his Majesty's Colonies in America pray to have the several Oaths appointed by the said Act administered to them respecting and having produced the following certificates of their having received the Sacrament. Ludwig Roderick swore to being a member of the Baptist Congregation in Frederick County, 6 August 1762 and had received the Holy Lord's Supper the way of the Protestant Church.

Lodowick Rodrack on 29 January 1759 bought 100 acres on the Big Conewago, Berwick Township, York County, Pennsylvania . On 16 June 1762 Lodowick Roderick bought Stony Hill, Frederick County, Maryland. Ludwick had land patented 13 December 1775 a tract on Maryland and another called Grandfathers Gift. In 1776, Washington County, Maryland, was erected out of Frederick County and all subsequent records on Ludwig are in Washington County. His lands were in Weverton, Maryland which is near Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, just inside present Washington County. He wrote his will 20 June 1785 but lived until 1797. His wife is mentioned in the will. The will was probated 28 October 1797. There is circumstantial evidence of another son, Benjamin, born in 1788. Because Benjamin was born after the will was written, he was not mentioned on the records of the estate. The manner in which Ludwig's estate was settled confirms the possibility of a child or children besides the ten mentioned in the will.

References: "First Census of the United States 1790 - Maryland", "Our Kin - The Rodericks, Slifers, Arnolds, Millers and Allied Family Lines" Copyright Ella Maude Brooks Dulany, "Land Records of Frederick County, Maryland", Liber H, folio 29 & C, "York County Deed Book, PA", 2 E, page 408, "Frederick County Deed Book H", p 29, "Hall of Records", Annapolis, State of Maryland - Provincial Court Judgment DD No. 2. Fol. 352.

Children of Ludwick Roderick and Catherine ----
1. Jacob Roderick
2. Abraham Roderick, m Elizabeth Roberts
3. Daniel Roderick
4. John Roderick
5. Susannah Roderick, m Nicholas Leatherman
6. Catherine Roderick, m Peter Miller
7. Hannah Roderick m Philip (Hershman) Hestman
8. Salome (Salomay) Roderick, John Frayleck
9. Mary Roderick m John Hines
10. LEWIS RODERICK, b 1772 d 1867 Coshocton Co, OH to Sarah Bell
11. Benjamin Roderick, b 1788

Lewis Roderick

LEWIS RODERICK was born 1772, and died 1867 in Coshocton County, Ohio. He married (1) ---- unknown and (2) on 27 Jul 1815 in Coshocton County to Sarah Bell. Sarah was born in 1788 and died in 1869. Lewis was among the earliest settlers in Franklin township. The German emigrants first became noticeable about 1835 in Franklin township. Louis Roderick was a preacher connected with the German Baptists (Dunkards). He held services mainly at the house of Philip Hershman for more than thirty years, and was well-known throughout the county. He died in Lafayette Township at the advanced age of ninety-five years.

References: "Marriages - Coshocton County, Ohio 1811-1930, Volume I". Compiled from Marriage Records, Probate Court, Coshocton County, Ohio, "Historical Collections of Coshocton County, Ohio 1764-1876" by William E. Hunt.
Reference: // child Sarah Roadruck, b 27 Oct 1822, Ohio, d. 8 Feb 1902.

Children of Lewis Roderick and --- unknown ---
1. Thomas Roderick, b 1804 Hampshire, WV d 02 Sep 1876 Coshocton Co, OH m Mary Hines.
Children of Lewis Roderick and Sarah Bell
1. JANE RODERICK, b 1823 Coshocton Co, OH d 1901 Coshocton Co, OH
2. Rebecca Roderick, b 1828 d 1899 m William S. Aronhalt

Jane Roderick

JANE RODERICK was born 1823 in Coshocton County, Ohio, and died 1901 in Coshocton County, Ohio. She married on 19 September 1839 in Coshocton County to John H. Sicker, son of John Sicker and Charlotte Kirker. John was born on 25 August 1819 in Albany County, New York. All of their children were born in Coshocton County and attended school.

References: "Marriages - Coshocton County, Ohio 1811-1930 Volume I", Compiled from Marriage Records, Probate Court, Coshocton County, Ohio, "1840 Census Population Schedule", US Census Bureau, Micro-copy T-5 Roll 121 Micro Film 310 Coshocton Co, Linton Township, OH p 298, "1860 Federal Census", Coshocton Co, OH .Micro Copy M-653 Roll 950 p 71 Linton Township 5 July 1860 Post Office - Plainfield No. 599, "1870 Federal Census", Coshocton Co, OH Micro Copy M-593 Roll 1185 Microfilm 310 P.28 Linton Township 14 Jun 1870 Post Office: Bacon No. 280, "The History of Tuscarawas County", p 787, Biographical Sketches.

Children of Jane Roderick and John Sicker
1. Charlotte Sicker, b 1841
2. Sarah E. Sicker, b 1843
3. MARGARET JANE SICKER, b Apr 1843 d ca 1900 m (1).Daniel Meeks Anderson and (2) N. B. Kiest
4. Rebecca Sicker, b 1845
5. John Lewis Sicker, b 01 Mar 1847 m Harriet E. Spangler
6. Elizabeth Ann Sicker, b 1851
7. Manat Ehiva (Elmira) Sicker, b 1853
8. Zelpha (Alice) Sicker, b 1855 m Robert A. McClure
9. Charles M. Sicker, b 1860 d ca 1860-1870 OH

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