Descendants of ---- Drake


---- Drake

---- DRAKE was born in Bugden, Hunt, Huntington, England.

Child of ---- Drake
1. RICHARD DRAKE, d Chedar, Somerset, England

Richard Drake

RICHARD DRAKE died in Chedar, Somerset, England. He married Christian Fawcett, daughter of Robert Fawcett, from Abby Isle, Somerset, England.

References: "The Publications of The Harleian Society." Established A.D. 1869 Volume 10, for the Year 1869-1880, p 238, "The Visitation of London - Drake. Bread Streete Ward (1634), "Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County Virginia" by John Bennett Boddie.

Children of Richard Drake and Christian Fawcett
1. MARY DRAKE m Thomas Brewer
2. John Drake, b Chedar, Somerset, England
3. Richard Drake, b Chedar, Somerset, England
4. Lawrence Drake, Abbots Isle, Somerset, England
5. Roger Drake

Mary Drake

MARY DRAKE married Thomas Brewer, son of William Brewer and Deanes Baker. Thomas was born ca 1540 in London, England.

References: "The House of Brewer", by Edward Denton Brewer. "The Index Library. A Calendar of the Marriage Licence Allegations in the Registry of the Bishop of London, Vol. I 1597-1648" edited by Reginald M. Glencross M.S., LL.B., " London Marriage Licences " Book 5, February, 1615-16 9 Brewer, John & Baker, Sarah, "The Ancestry of Charles H. Brewer" by Joyce A. Huges.

Children of Mary Drake and Thomas Brewer
1. Thomas Brewer, b 1560-70
2. JOHN BREWER, b ca 1565 London, England, d 1635 Isle of Wight Co, VA m Mary Grove

A Relative of Sir Francis Drake

An argument has been put forth that Mary Drake was a relative of Sir Francis Drake of Spanish Armada fame, and could have known Sir Francis Drake. The age of both is right plus her son, John, named a son Francis. There is an account of a John Brewer as a co-adventurer on Drake's famous voyage (beginning 13 Dec 1577 ending in 26 Sept 1580) of circumnavigation, serving as Drakes' trumpeter and trusted companion. There was also an account of a Thomas Brewer being killed and eaten by natives. At the voyages end, Drake sent John Brewer to inform Queen Elizabeth I of their triumph. In 1685, Sir Francis sailed to the West Indies, to the coast of Hispaniola, to Cartagena, to Florida and then to Virginia with stores for Raleigh's colony. The disheartened colonists persuaded Drake to take them back to England, which he did, reaching Portsmouth on 28 July 1586. When the Spanish Armada in 1588 attacked England, John Brewer's name does not appear. Sir Francis Drake died in 1596.

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