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William Bond

WILLIAM BOND, nothing is known about this William Bond except William Bond's, b ca 1493, father's name was William.

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Child of William Bond
1. WILLIAM BOND, b ca 1493 (Buckland, Somersetshire, England) d 1549

William Bond

WILLIAM BOND was born ca 1493 in (Buckland, Somersetshire, England) and died in 1549. He married ca 1523 to Dionise Bourman, daughter of John Bourman and Elizabeth Russell.

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Children of William Bond and Dionise Bourman
1. William Bond, b ca 1524 Buckland, Somerset, England d 30 May 1576 buried 14 Jun 1576 St. Helen, Bishopsgate, Surrey, England
2. Katherine Bond, b ca 1526 (London, Middlesex, England)
3. Edward Bond, b ca 1530 (Buckland, Somersetshire, England)
4. Avis Bond, b ca 1532, Buckland, Somerset, England
5. Ann Bond, b ca 1534, Buckland, Somerset, England
6. GEORGE BOND, b 1534, Buckland, Somerset, England d 1592 Mercer Chapel, Middlesex, England
7. Agnes Bond, b ca 1536 (Buckland, Somersetshire, England)

George Bond

GEORGE BOND was born in 1534 in Buckland, Somerset, England, and died in 1592 in Mercer Chapel, Middlesex, England. He married Winifred Leigh, daughter of Thomas Leigh and Alice Barker.

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Children of George Bond and Winifred Leigh
1. William (Sir) Bond, b ca 1554 (Highgate, Buckland, Somerset, England) d bef 12 Feb 1630-31
2. ROSE BOND, b 1555 (Kings Walden, Hertfordshire, England) d 31 Jul 1648 England
3. George Bond, b ca 1557 (Bridgewater, Somerset, England)
4. Thomas Bond, b ca 1558 (Ogbourne, St. George, Willshire, England)
5. Ann Bond, b ca 1560 (Buckland, Somerset, England)
6. Droness Bond, b ca 1562 (London, Somerset, England) or b 1562-1564 (Standish, Gloucester, England)
7. Jane Bond, b ca 1564 (Buckland, Somerset, England)
8. Alice Bond, b 08 Oct 1564 Ststphnwalbrook, London, Middlesex, England) d 15 Jun 1584 Stlwrncepountney, London, Middlesex, England)
9. Mary Bond, b ca 1580 Yart, near Taunton, Somerset, England

Rose Bond

ROSE BOND was born in 1555 in (Kings Walden, Hertfordshire, England) - (Walton At Stone, Hertford, England) and died on 31 Jul 1648 in England. She married in Hertsfordshire, England, to William (Esquire) Hale, son of Richard Hale and Mary Lambert. William was buried on 19 Oct 1630 in Whatton-At-Stone, Hetfordshire, England.

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Children of Rose Bond and William Hale
1. THOMAS HALE, b 1575 (Watton-At-Stone, Hertfordshire, England) d 19 Oct 1630 Watton-At-Stone, Hertsfordshire, England
2. John Hale, b 11 May 1575 Hexton, Hertfordshire, England d 29 Jan 1637-38, Watton-At-Stone, Herstfordshire, England
3. Bernard Hale, b ca 1577 (Hertfordshire, England)
4. William Hale, b 1597 Hexton, Hertfordshire, England
5. Rowland Hale, b ca 1599 (Hertfordshire, England)
6. Richard Hale, b 13 Dec 1600 (Kings Walden, Hertfordshire, England) d 08 Feb 1686-87, Swansea, Bristol, MA buried Kickemut Cemetery, RI m Margaret Tamorin
7. George Hale, b 13 Jul 1601 Hertfordshire, England
8. Alicia Hale, b 1603 Hertfordshire, England
9. Winefreda Hale, b 1604 Hertfordshire, England
10. Anne Hale, b 25 Jun 1609 (Kings Warden, Hartfordshire, England) d 02 Sep 1651 Oxted, Surrey, England
11. Dionisia Hale, b 17 Mar 1610-11 Hertfordshire, England

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