Biological Microscope - Biolam 70P2

  LOMO - St. Petersburg


By Dushan Grujich, on September 24th. 2013

Biolam 70P2 stand 
LOMO Biolam 70 compound microscope is development of the LOMO МБИ (MBI) biological series 'scopes, and was introduced in 1970's as is reflected in its name. 
Microscope was made modular, thus enabling it for bright field and dark field observation using range of accessories which allowed use of the 'scope as polarising, luminescent, ultraviolet, phase positive and phase negative contrast as well as anoptral. 

"P" version, was intended to serve as a working 'scope so it is equipped with a round rotary stage, a mirror and the mains operated simplified illuminator OI-32, selection of objectives, dry as well as both water and oil immersion, a set of oculars and a monocular tubus, it can also accept binocular attachment АУ-12 which comes as an option.

Nosepiece can accept up to four objectives of 33 mm parfocal distance. Basic set also comes with a mechanical stage CT-12 as well as with a pair of tension clamps.

Condenser is two element Abbe design 1.2 NA with a swing out lens providing 0.3 NA large area illumination for the 8/0.20 achromat objective. The optional OI-14, the 1.4 NA aplanatic condenser can also be mounted on a standard 37 mm substage rack and pinion carrier, or the OI-13 dark field 1.2 NA cardioid condenser.

A pair of frosted glass filters, compensating blue and colourless are included in the basic set.


The basic set of four achromat objectives supplied (TL 160 for use with cover glass 0.17 mm) consists of:

M-42 OM-27 OM-23


8/0.20 20/0.40  40/0.75 VI  90/1.25 OI 

Plus the set of oculars:

Compensating M-7 Compensating AM-14 Compensating AM-27
18mm 7X  13mm K 10X  11mm K 15X 
Biolam 70D2 is capable of observation of transparent objects by transmitted light magnified 56x - 1350x
Image to the right is showing Biolam 70 optical diagram.

To see details better, use mouse right click and view. 

Diagram shows both the binocular and monocular attachments.

Biolam 70P microscopes come in wooden carrying case as shown on the image to the right.
The accessories are stored in a small wooden box.
The contents of the small box with all of accessories neatly packed inside.
LOMO CT-12 Mechanical stage
Image to the right shows the OI-32 illuminator converted to LED, described in article click here.
Optional LOMO Binocular АУ-12  attachment, with magnification factor 1.5X, boxed, with two pairs of compensating oculars, K 7X & K 10X.