Moshi Moshi, minna-chan! For those of you who don't know me (And if you don't, what in the hell is wrong with you?!) I'm Duo Maxwell... A.K.A Shinigami The God of Death! But everyone can call me Du-chan! Anyway, for the people who know me, I'm glade you came to visit!But I want to warn everyone... this sight is under heavy constructiuon! I've decided I don't like it too much and it's going to be my new project to revamp this ol' place! I want submissions! I want pics! I want fan art! I want anything and everything you are willing to give me! Any anime, manga, or the like! But must be yaoi! (I'm thinking about adding yuri but I'll see) My e-mail's down below *BLUE!!!* so please send me anything! (But no viruses! I don't like them! I'm sick enough as it is!) Did anyone notice I never used a period? It was either ! or ? ! Amazing!!!  

Peace, love, happyness, and Death to all!
Duo-chan Maxwell
Disclaimer: *sigh* I hate these... I don't know why people don't know that I don't own anything! Well, actually, *Goes into room and has a teardrop* Um, well, I do own a lot but I don't own Dragonball Z/GT or Gundam Wing or anything else like that! Saddly... I wouldn't mind owning Trunks, or Gohan, or Piccolo, or Veggie-chan or.... But I don't! *Cry* Oh, well, Don't own don't sue, k?
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