Thursday, January 25, 2001: Wow! An Update! Isn't it great?! Well, I think it is... Um... lets see, what am I going to do? I'm going to add an evil guestbook. Why? Not because I'm mean like you think but because I want to know what people think! So please use it! Thanx! Um, what else? I'm going to TRY to add a pics page... key word try here. Um... What else? I'm goingt to add a story or two of mine... one's finished and the other only has one part but more will be up soon! I can't think of anything else... I hope I get of all of this today... -Duo-chan
Friday,January 26,2001: Another Update! YAY! *blinks* Come on, cheer! This is a good thing! Well, I added another author, Ethereal! She's very good so go and read her fics! Don't froget to send her feedback...authors like that... Use my guestbook... I'm really insistant on this... PLEASE?! Thanx! -Duo-chan 
Wed. Feb. 7, 2001: It's been a while sense I've updated, ne? *Sighs* I haven't done much... actually, next to nothing... I changed the intro and the counter telling everyone that they need to tell me if they're # 1000... And no one told me if they were 500! *Swishes tail* Not nice! Anyway, if you're 1000 let me know! Thanx! -Duo-chan
Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2001 : Hi HI! *waves* How is everyone? I'm great! Anyway, This isn't an Update, I just wanted to thank Authormichals and Phoenix for sighning my guestbook! I would have thanked you personaly but I forgot to put a place for an e-mail addy! Baka Du-chan! Anyway, thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Du-chan
Monday, Feb. 19, 2001: Small update! I'm an offical glomper of Gotenks! YAY!!!!!!!! He's so cute!!!!!! *-~ I've even put him on his own page... for now. When I get more things like it that's where they'll go! (Did that make sense? *Shrugs*) Ja for now!!!!!! - Du-chan
Saturday, March 10, 2001 : Well... I've finally did a damn update! Yay me! I've now put up a warnings page (Which I'm sure everyone has noticed...) and I've redone the first page a little and I have added more buttons! I'm so happy! Now I need everyone's help... I want stories and pictures! PLEASE?! It's important! Thanx! -Du-chan  Submissions!
Saturday April 7, 01: Well, I've been updating a little bit every few days this week! I have several new Gundam Wing Authors, I have a serise page where you can choose a serise to read, and I've become addicted to Earthian! I need fanfics for it, too! Go and write, and then send it to me! Okay, I don't think there is anything else! Have fun! -Du-chan
Monday May 14, 2001: Damn, it's been a long time sense I've last updated! Busy as hell and yet, still nothing to do! Anyway, Small update, I've got a story to put under GW and I've made a Yaoi RPG and Fanfics ML! Basicly, I wanted a place that could put up stories and others could play and RP game! So I made one! Compleatly yaoi so sex is wanted and welcomed! Go to the main page to find the link to it! -Du-chan
Monday June 25, 2001: Okay, so Du-chan doesn't update very oftain! Doozo (Please) don't kill me! I just had a friend come back from out of town and I'm having another friend coming to visit me... plus I'm trying to get a job, wow! I'm busy! Anyway, I didn't do much just updated Scar Tissue so enjoy! Ja!-Du-chan
Wednesday September 11 2002: Please take a moment to Remember What happened a year ago today. ........ Okay! Now, I can't believe it's been over a year! Way too long! *Blinks* Anyway, nothing new to do, I'm just going through and fixing several things. If I start to get stories, I just might update more oftain! Ja!- Du-chan
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