Oh dear... you seem to have hit a bump in the road... No, actually.. it's a warning! I know I hate those too... but I don't want to be flamed or knocked off the net for not having a warning! So here it goes *Clears throat* This is a yaoi (Maybe yuri) sight. Don't know what that it? What in the Hell are you doing here then?! Ahem.

                              Yaoi = Male x male getting in the bed and doing the nasty! Yay!
                              Yuri = female x female inting in the bed and doing the nasty! Yay!

Does that bother you? Then go away... Your weird.... You like that kind of thing? You're my type of person! And you're perfectly normal... Well, that is by my standers that is...
:-) Just click on the word hell in the first paragraph! Enjoy! Oh... and sign my guestbook!!!! Or I'll send Heero after you!!!!!!!
have been here! (even when this was the first page!)
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