Droppedit's Shoe Loss Page
This page is devoted to women losing one of their shoes and getting stranded afterwards wearing only one shoe. The content consists of six categories:

(1) Accounts of such shoe-loss from real-life. Latest update August 3, 2009.

(2) "Prime" shoe-loss scenes in movies and TV. Latest update August 4, 2009.

(3) One-shoe scenes in movies and TV. Latest update August 4, 2009.

(4) Shoe loss theme in visual arts. Latest update April 22, 2009.

(5) Kinja's One Shoe Sites Page

(6) Kinja's One Shoe photos Page

NOTE: From now on, 2 categories from Kinja's shoe loss page will appear under my page (#5 & #6 above). This was to avoid the loss of valuable material Kinja placed under them over the years -- because as you may be aware already, Geocities will be closing on Oct 26th this year. When Geocities does finally close, I expect the content of my page (inclusive Kinja's material above) to appear under "Yahoo! Web Hosting". Will let you know in advance when that happens.

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