Problems and Solutions
Re: New Centers of population - 42USCode Section 5301(b)(1) 

Problem 1: Continuous growth of the dom inant city beyond city limits and an optimum population of 100,000. This is enabled by County road building programs that widen existing roads to bring more traffic into the city. This is contrary to the law because it is not in accord with an orderly and systematic plan of development as required by law; thus it is contrary to the will of the people. This continuous growth of the dom inent city is also enabled by a fake master plan which was made to obtain public funding in lieu of and for lack of any viable concept of a Comprehensive Regional Master Plan as required by State and Federal Planning Codes cited previously. Existing municipalities are forced to become satellite cities to the dom inent city rather than grow as self sustaining units of population in their own right. This is contrary to law as expressed in the US Code cited previously. Over population of a city is a cause of crime and mental illness.

Re: Master Plan - Alabama Code Section 11-52-8,    et al 

Problem 2: Politicians having assumed the role of the architect by default existing cities have grown helter-skelter and haphazard without an orderly and systematic plan as required by law. To continue this illicit and disorderly growth with public funding defeats the purpose of the law. Confusion due to disorderly, unplanned growth not only wastes time, materials and labor it destroys natural resources, the natural environment and the beauty of nature and is a major cause of the unrest and insecurity that precipitates crime and mental illness.

Solution: The KYMAK concept offers the ultimate solution to all of these problems. It is a genuine Comprehensive Regional Master Plan which can be adopted by existing population consolidated within optimum size municipal units the size of four townships. A city plan provides for a balance of agricultural and manufacturing elements necessary for independence and self sufficiency. Population within each unit forms a body politic which can annex the entire 12 mile square to facilitate design and planning. Site planning is by Architects who know how to build without destroying the site and the beauty of nature; orderly, harmonious, aesthetically coordinated planning and development conserves time, energy and scarce resources and gives the benefit of repose (domestic tranquility) which is essential to the goodness of health, safety and welfare of the general public.


On November 5, 2009 the Mobile County Commissioners acted unanimously on Problem 1 by calling in the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce to ask their assistance in developing other Municipalities in the County. Problem 2 remains to be resolved but I think they are working on it. There cannot be genuine subdivisions anywhere in the County without a Master Plan according to law; existing “subdivisions” are fraudulent even though that has been standard procedure since the law was written in 1935 for lack of a concept such as KYMAK now offers. Possibly they will accept KYMAK in due time and with due measure.


On September 19, 2014 in agenda item #57, without consulting KYMAK agent (as usual), the Mobile County Commissioners, now with two new Commissioners reversed the previous decision yielding to Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce promotional efforts for continued disorderly (unlawful) continuous growth of the dom inant city; however, highway engineers and other professional transportation planners have recommended the KYMAK concept which should eventually prevail, in due time and with due measure.








Respecting economic growth and development Chambers of Commerce do not follow any Architectural concept of how to build cities compatible with American Democracy but due to inexorable market forces by which commerce is naturally driven, often causes business to resort blindly to any and every means to make money, by hook or by crook.

Now, with the KYMAK Architectural concept of how to design Democratic cities, it is entirely possible to make a smooth transition within say five or ten years? Hopefully the years already spent will count for something. Respecting economics alone (not to mention law and order (the will of the people (the customer))) it is a matter of common sense.

Overgrowth of any city might be limited by gradually reducing government funding for growth beyond the optimum size population of about 100,000 within each 12 mile-square municipal unit, where the economics of scale meets the law of diminishing returns and ensuing unemployment leads to crime and discontent. Regarding the allocation of scarce resources, I have come to see how it is true that, “not faction but distraction is the weakness of a Republic” so that as long as we find our pleasure in our work* more than play our New Republic will prosper and be healthy.

At the opening of the Taliesin Fellowship in 1933 the Architect, Frank Lloyd Wright wrote, "Taliesin sees work itself where there is something growing and being in it as not only the salt and savor of existence but as the opportunity for bringing "Heaven" decently back to Earth where it really belongs." (See - Letters to Apprentices)

YHWH provides



Big Cities versus The United States Constitution

According to the Fourth Amendment
, the people have a right “to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.” This right limits the power of the police to seize and search people, their property, and their homes...

Consider that these precepts embrace the basis of the 4th Amendment, to wit:


1. "Home of the brave" Our National Anthem

2. "with a Firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence" Our Declaration of Independence

3. "Those who are faltering in spirit in times of uncertainty only increase the evil and further and further transmit it." Goethe (Harvard Classics)

4. "Rev. 21:8" ... The fearful are the first to go into the lake of fire. The Holy Bible


In our Country the law was written to protect We the People from our politicians, not visa versa; politicians must not routinely violate the 4th Amendment using the police power to protect themselves from law abiding citizens. One abrogates the other; we cannot have it both ways.

Sworn to defend the rights of the People without fear or favor, politicians and government workers who deny the bottom line of our National Anthem and the Declaration of Independence in routine violations of the Fourth Amendment to protect themselves from the people who pay them to serve, dishonor our Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land instituted to secure our rights. This current widespread practice is rapidly becoming more and more ingrained. It is an aggravated assault. I detect a subtle form of the tyranny that Thomas Jefferson pledged eternal hostility to, via a de facto judicial tyranny via the bench warrant.

Jefferson warned against a predominance of lawyers ruling our Republic - he said more than 20%. Why was this egregious infringement of the 4th Amendment perpetrated by our Lawyers (the Knighthood) then perpetuated by our Politicians (the Priesthood) currently 90% of whom are themselves lawyers.

The presence of armed security (body guards) around politicians and bureaucrats is a sure sign of government corruption, to intimidate law abiding citizens in an unseemly lust for domination, as a bully is wont to do. It gives rise to the Police State when the police gloat over the power in the lust of domination.

We see this practice mainly and always in big cities. It is an established fact that the optimum size city is between 80,000 - 120,000 people; overgrowth and maintenance could not be done with public funds. Private funding would have to pay for the problems that follow.

Our rulers must have courage enough to trust in the protection of Divine Providence or they can hardly be deemed fit for public service. They are as much on the front line as the soldiers they so easily send into the bloody battlefields both at home and abroad.

"I think our governments will remain virtuous for many centuries as long as they are chiefly agricultural; and this will be as long as there shall be vacant lands in any part of America. When they get piled upon one another in large cities as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe." Thomas Jefferson, (as architect & city planner)

Big cities are economically bankrupt. Cities can be designed so that the independence of living on the land can also be assured; those who will be farmers can be, with their small farms integrated into the fabric of the city. The KYMAK urban core can provide all the luxuries, attractions and benefits of living in a densely populated city. Cites can thus become economically self sufficient.

The costly consequence is that Bank financing yields to the intimidation of corrupt Politicians rather than follow the wisdom of the Law stated in the neglected Architectural Planning Code, viz - - massive fraudulent ("pork barrel") public funding follows, resulting in unplanned urban sprawl Nationwide. Also see, Public Policy -


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