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Congrats, you found the new site's location! Please excuse the crap layout.

For newcomers, my name is Alex King a.k.a. segnies, and this project is my attempt at porting Doom to the Sega Genesis game console. So far I have had remarkable success and am in fact nearing completion.

Why do this in the first place? Well, the 32X got it, then Saturn. Now it's the Genesis' turn to complete the Sega Doom family. Besides, it's a great challenge for a homebrew retro-programmer such as myself.
UPDATE 6-14-06:

Okay, may as well come clean. Sadly, this project was a hoax, inspired by James Catalano's Atari 2600 Doom ruse. The screenshots are fake, and I am no programmer. I was curious as to what sort of reactions I would get with such a "project," and on that note would like to thank everyone who showed interest in the idea of porting Doom to our beloved Genny. I really would like to see a game like Doom running on Genesis, and at the very least I hope I've sparked a little renewed interest in Genesis homebrew gaming. I hope there's no hard feelings and encourage anyone with additional questions/comments to send me an e-mail. In the meantime I will leave the rest of the site as is.

Game on,
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