D avid Joseph Frame got his first guitar when he was nine years old. He started working up Elvis Presley songs as soon as he could get his sisters to buy the records. His first experience in show biz was his dad's doing. Harry would enter his boy David in local talent shows. Mostly Catholic based gatherings. He would perform 2 numbers: "Cotton Fields" and "Puff The Magic Dragon". This continued for about a year, off and on. He began playing in a guitar duo in eighth grade in 62, playing Surf music instrumentals. In 63 he and Cass Moore, drummer, won 2 of 3 talent shows and tied for 3rd.From this cell his first band was formed,"Me & Them." There he wrote his first song and performed it at CYO dances and Junior High school events all over Big D.

from L-R: David Frame, Tim Potkotter, Gene Tabola, Cass Moore (seated

During his Junior year in high school he hooked up with a band called "Blind Lemon." The band played Doors and Hendrix mixed with R&B here David switched from guitar to bass. A change that made a big difference in his musical career.

from L-R: Bobby Caldwell, Mike Kindred, Terry Falke, David Frame, (seated)

In his Senior year he was asked to join one of the top bands in Dallas, The Mystics who had a no.1 record in Dallas. The Mystics were together from 68-70 travelling all over Texas and Oklahoma doing college and club gigs doing cover and original R&B. We were actually signed with Columbia Records for one year. Our mgr at the time took the money and blew it on woman and drugs. We never saw a penney. Two of the members went to play with Tommy Shannon and Uncle John Turner so David went the show band route for about a year. We had a trio that would play original jazz instrumentals during the dinner set then bring on the main act the second. People would come just to hear the original jazz then leave.

from L-R: Rick Castillo, Bruce Bowland, David Frame, back row: Cass Moore, Robert Ferris

from L-R: Robert Ferris, Mike Kindred, back row: Bruce Bowland, David Frame, Rick Castillo

Getting tired of showtime David got serious and joined a band called "Blackbird" with guitarist-Stevie Ray Vaughan and eventually moved to Austin, Texas in 72. Stevie was incredible even at 18 years of age. Blackbird played Classic Rock Cover tunes which featured Kim and Stevie Dueling guitars often They were incredible together and Individually. John Hoff moved back to Oklahoma hense the photo at the bottom was mostly the core group before and after John. Blackbird was only playing one original song (Made Up My Mind) which David had written so wanting to do more song-writing David joined a blues band called Ninth Street (no photo available). Feed My Soul was written at this time. This was made up of Mike Kindre, Jessie Taylor, Freddie Pharoah, David Frame, Jessie moved back to Lubbock and was replaced by Randy Love, one of the Beachboy's couisins. Stevie Ray played in this band for one gig at St Ed's Univ. (the recording was donated to the National archive of Stevie Ray Vaughan).

Top L-R: Noel Deis, John Hoff, Christian Plicque, Roddy Colonna, David Frame,
Bottom: Kim Davis, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Top: L-R: Noel Deis, Christian Plicque, David Frame,bottom: L-R: Roddy Colonna,
Stevie Ray Vaughan,Kim Davis

one of the hottest clubs in Austin at the time
from L-R: Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Frame
from L-R: Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Frame, Kim Davis

David and several accomplished players put together a band for fun called the Terribles (photo not available) which included Jimmie Vaughan, Paul Ray, Mike Kindred, Freddie Pharaoh. The band played oldies and were a huge success locally but everyone had their other commitments so it was short lived.

He then joined "Stump" a Rock band that did 100% original material. David performed over a set of material and opened for bands such as Spirit, Jo Jo Gun and others at The Armadillo World Headquarters etc.. Stevie Ray played in this band for a short period also.

Top pic L-R: David Frame, Tom Holden, Jeff Clarke

L-R: (Costume night) David Frame, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray playin' Jeff's Gibson Firebird

L-R: David Frame, Jeff Clarke

L-R: David Frame, Tom Holden,

With Jimi Hendrix as a major rock influence and Stevie Ray Vaughan as a major blues guitar influence he has gone back to the drawing board that once inspired him as that 13 year old working up Beatle tunes for his first combo.

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