Communication Tips

Communication Symbols: Instead of laminating picture communication symbols, use 2-inch sellotape (Scotch Tape?). It's much cheaper and same quality. ~ ^Flo

Card for Lost Child: Print name, address, telephone number, and parent's name on a business-size card for your child to keep in his pocket or tied to a belt loop or shoe in case he gets lost.

Communication Symbols: If you have a flatbed scanner, it can be used to create great communication symbols. Scan an object (like a toy, food package, CD cover etc.) on the scanner and scan in at a low dots per inch (so the picture isn't too detailed.) If you are using Picture Exchange Communication System, the picture symbol and name can be printed out. If you are using a communication board, the symbol can be copied into a grid you create with a desktop publishing program. You can also use a color copier if you use the "reduce" feature ~ Anne MacLellan

Portable communication book: Purchase a photo album with clear pockets from a dollar store and add grommet & a retractable "key return" (also from dollar store for $1.50; an identical in a catalog for children with special needs was $14!) to clip to your child's pants for trips into the community ~ Anne MacLellan

Communication binder: Purchase a "document holder" at office supply store (that way the pages don't need punching)--Anne MacLellan

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