This is the dream I had on Monday 6th June, 1992 which showed heaven or paradise to be a huge polished dark crater upon the surface of the earth.

"The dream began as a series of fades.

A rather beautiful blonde woman was talking to me. She was discussing things about feminity, life, wisdom in various parts of a house, in doorways. All the while I was not listening but admireing her visually. She became bemused and called to a female friend "Come N.. let us go to bliss..."

I felt like I had blown it. I had stuffed up one of those moments in dreams where a teacher tells you some interesting stuff. In my case the teacher was not an old man with a beard, but a young woman.

Into a room I find myself trying to find a door. The room is full of chairs, trinkets, picture frames, all beautiful and cluttered. The room and objects all belonged to W.E. - an old flatmate. I was frantically trying to find a door and suddenly I saw an old friend from school. I ask him "Why do people collect so many chairs? Why don't they collect doors? A door is what I want!"

I found a door and escaped into an ancient looking dungeon or gaol. The people were zombie like and marching up and down staircases like the figures of an Escher engraving. I asked one of the men the direction out, but I could not understand or remember what he said.

I decided to go into another room. At the entrance I met a man who directed me to another who had many books on the esoteric and occult arts. He said to me "You should ring me sometime, I could give you some advice."

I entered a room which was a hall or warehouse with a path leading all the way to another door at the opposite end of the building. As I rushed to walk  along the path, I ran into three people od Asian appearance performing what looked like a ritual which involved the placing of three towels on the ground, and arrangement of various items. As I stepped back into the small crowd watching, the sign was given that a  ritual oracle was in progress. It was written on the ground. The one man and two women had been performing this ritual at points along the path. The oracle consisted of a pot boiling water with things in it. In my case the pot contained marbled chess pieces in a boiling pot.

I came upon a cave. As I began to climb up the cave, it became more and more narrower and constricting, until it became painful. I saw a point of light which I just had to reach, managing to carefully place my head through the small hole where i glimpsed... heaven, bliss, nivana, whatever you wish to call it - a flash and then I placed my head back inside the cave. It was an oval crater of dark rock like basalt, polished smooth and absolutely huge.

I crawled back absolutely amazed.

Crawling down the cavity I noticed small Mayan/Aztec cartoon figures carved into the rock and others by cartoonist Larson which I looked for a small moment which appeared to consist of a series of carbon heads of birds.

Exiting the cave I found myself upon a boat on the sea travelling away from the huge dark crater. The people on the boat looked like a bunch of mobsters. One was sitting in a chair, a handsome young man. I asked the men if it was they who had travelled to the dark crater. They said yes and told me how important such an event was. "Do you know the deals I had to make to get a glimpse of that thing" the handsome man said. I asked if we could go back for another look. He flippantly threw his arms in the arms and said in a loud voice, sacastically, "Okay, lets go back!"

I found myself in the room of chairs again. Only now it was aruin, full of garbage and grease stains on the floor. Outside I could see beings moving around the house. Below I could hear the sound of chipping rock. I realised that these beings were not human but zombies.

The whole house would have to be destroyed by fire. I lit the room of chairs and the whole house began to burn, I ran into the backyard and made sure none of the zombie creatures could see me. I escaped through a hole in the fence.

In the distance I could see a woman riding a penny farthing. I ran to another house with my wife inside sitting on a chair. I could see the other house burn.

A burn't man approached me who I had loved as a father. He came to me with tears of happiness and asked how much money he owed. He took out $150 dollars in 16th-17th century looking money and gave it to me. We hugged. It was like the ending of a grand film. The house had to burn so that his soul could be free. He was waiting for someone with the courage to do it. Now he can proceed on his way to heaven.

"How's that for a corny ending?" I said.

Copyright 1999 Gionni Di Gravio


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