AA & Artillery


MG Co. & Bat.






 Dieppe to Berlin: Regiments

Anti-Aircraft & Artillery



1st Anti-Aircraft Regiment

2nd Anti-Aircraft Regiment

21st to 30th Anti Aircraft Regiments


2nd Heavy Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment -Mobile

3rd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

4th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

69th Anti-Aircraft Battery




Field Regiments

1st Field Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery

2nd Field Regiment

3rd Field Regiment

4th Field Regiment

5th Army Field Regiment

6th Field Regiment

8th Army Field Regiment

11th Army Field Regiment

12th Field Regiment

13th Field Regiment

14th Field Regiment

15th Field Regiment

17th Field Regiment

19th Field Regiment

23rd Field Regiment


 Medium Regiments

1st Medium Artillery Regiment

2nd Medium Artillery Regiment

3rd Medium Artillery Regiment

4th Medium Artillery Regiment

5th Medium Artillery Regiment

7th Medium Artillery Regiment


Anti-Tank Regiments

1st Anti-Tank Regiment

2nd Anti-Tank Regiment

3rd Anti-Tank Regiment

4th Anti-Tank Regiment

5th Anti-Tank Regiment

6th Anti-Tank Regiment

7th Anti-Tank Regiment


Survey Regiments

1st Field Survey Regiment

2nd Field Survey Regiment








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