Well I guess what L Kervan seems to be saying is that Bacteria & Fungi can do cold fusion transmutations when in water and when the appropriate environmental circumstances prevail. An element can have the Water's Hydrogen proton added to the element to go up the periodic table or subtract a hydrogen proton and go down one element on the table. Water's Oxygen can also add or subtract the Oxygen nucleus to some elements to up that element one octave or down one octave on the periodic table of elements. Water is the Alchemical medium in witch the Bacteria & Fun Guy's catalyze with enzymes the process enabling transmutation to eventuate.

Some of the New Chemistry can be seen below.


16                                            12                            4

   Oxygen-----------à     Carbon    +     Helium 


We can see below how Oxygen can spit out an alpha particle (Helium Nucleus) to become Carbon. L.Kervan suggests & presents proof in his book ‘Biological Transmutations’ that this may even be common practice in nature. Bacteria & fungi are often the suppliers & manufacturers of the catalytic Enzymes transmuting.


An a-particle is "born" when an "'Oxygen nucleus spits out its core. This is permissible because the "ls" tetrahedral core-shell is lighter than the surrounding icosahedral "lp" shell. In large nuclei the core is always heavier than the outer shell. Buckminster Fuller discovered that an icosahedron can be elastically deformed into a cube-octahedron, in the process creating some square facets ("windows") large enough for a tetrahedral volume element to escape through ... he called it the "jitterbug" transformation. Because it now has no core, the cube-octahedron "jitterbugs " back to an icosahedra1 12Carbon nucleus.

The above image is an Extract from Chris Illerts’s “Alchemy Today

Carbon can be created from the Oxygen in water


 16                      16                 32                            23                 16                  39                               40                 24                  16

   O      +       O      : =:    S                      Na    +    O    :=:      K                      Ca   -     Mg    :=:     O

   8                        8                 16                           11                  8                    19                                              20              12                       8



55                        1                      56                           40                       1                                    39

   Mn    +        H    :=:     Fe                      Ca      -       H    :=:        K

25                        1                      26                           20                        1                    19


An Extract from L.Kervan’s book ‘Biological Transmutations’

 * Note WELL the Key  components Oxygen & Hydrogen in the ever present medium of chemical solutions WATER

Water is Sacred! It is the Blood of the Earth in her Miraculous Green garment as mother Nature







(C + O) + C = Si + C = Ca

Ca + O = Fe = (C + O) + C + O  (See charts above & below)


Again above Extract is from "Alchemy today" by Chris Illert


We ourselves are full of this magical Earth's Blood. Her nature runs withinn our veins too. We are divine creative beings and our inner living waters transmute us withinn and those outside us , around us. The musical resonance of our voice & the gift of our presence in the Energy field of another can inspire & heal or curse & sicken. Let us know this and Choose to be a blessing of the creative essence aware that the divine breath moves across the face of the waters in our own depths. We are or can become the Rapture of life.


See also Atomic Vortices or Walter Russell to view some alternative Chemistry & Science also do a Search on "Occult Chemistry" By C. Leadbeater & A. Besant.

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