Atomic Vortices  (Written by D. Temple the pictures gathered from many sources are listed below. My deepest appreciation and gratitude for the clarity these drawings have provided inspiration and insight. Thank you all)


Allow me to present some strange views of science that I am trying to weave holistically with

A dash of uncommon sense. Just let’s leap into the vortex where the laws of space-time are very bent & unpredictable: where magic delights us within the dance of matter. This article aims to toss you mish mash into the toroidal nature of atomic & subatomic particles (electron, proton, neutron, neutrino & photon). These have been perceived & pictured by gifted men who were eccentric genius, talented men often highly educated who were perhaps ahead of their time.

Firstly there are Charles Leadbeater & Annie Besant who were Occult scientists, who with their clairvoyant vision studied the atoms of all the known elements in great detail over 40yrs.

They saw that an atom of Hydrogen was composed of 18 ANU. The Anu was their ultimate physical atom (its smallest component). The Anu exists as male & female, spiralling in opposite directions (as shown). Over many years they honed a natural talent with discipline & training to become Adept with their Yogic vision.

 They described the A-ether as filling all space & where Fohat (The Divine creative spirit) digs holes in the a ether matter was formed. They said matter is the absence of a ether. Lends a bit more credence to the spiritual views that this solid matter, real world is illusion and that the real world is the ‘Other World’ of spirit.

Back to the Anu, one vortex channels spin energy into matter and the other direction spins matter back to the spirit realms. It is easy to see the Toroidal nature of the Anu. Here I am reminded of the electron spin pairs (in quantum shells).

See above the 4 different toroidal types; Right-Hand clockwise, LH CW, RH CCW and Left Hand Counter CW.

If you care to look up the ‘Odic periodic table of elements’ that depicts each element as spiralling in one of these four directions. The Odic periodic table when seen from a top down view is a toroid.

Many other periodic tables are side on views of the vortical shape (Crooke’s, Walter Russell,   W.Schauberger) and even the common chemistry periodic chart is a flatland view of the spiral.

Looking back a step briefly to the 4 types of toroid; it would seem that a wave could be wrapped around a donut in CW or CCW direction. The wave could have varied or constant freq. &/or current. Stan Deyo mentioned a 60 HP Motor running 1 Hr could be stored in such a donut coil, then discharged at 120Hp over ½ Hr or 240Hp over ¼ Hr or 480Hp over 7-8 mins etc or at a huge power in one sec. Perhaps the Anu itself can be wrapped vertically with a slinky like wave.

Is this what we call Memory.???

Also shown here is Keely's view of an atom (Proton) and its Toroidal appearance.

There are 2 depictions of how science can create toroids (apart from smoke rings very unscientific) 1, With electrodes of an arc gun and 2. With two electron beams with magnets to give each beam their twist in opposite directions (shown on next page). High Tech, expensive & scientific of course.

Stan Deyo spoke of a smoke ring moving at 90km/hr through a smoke filled chamber with negligible disturbance to the smoke in the room. So he extended the idea that if this donut could be placed around a craft it would push the craft through the midst of the toroid and the air or water around the outer toroid flows back.

No wake creates an invisible passage, turbulence and friction free. Saucer shaped UFO’s??

 This next picture shows the evolution of a 2D waveform into a 3D toroid and back again.To me this implies that perhaps the pulse of manifestation has rests in the plane of ideas (Mental plane) then returns rhythmically. Photons move in straight lines & as waves. Really?? A paradox or a toroid pulse?!


Now I come to Maxwell’s train of Vortices cycle (in his example both toroids are moving in the same direction). Seeing a vortex go in through another I wondered if I could extend his theory with a personal twist. What if every second toroid travelled left whilst every other donut went right. As Maxwell suggests after a toroid emerges from inside another it grows and can swallow the next in the cycle. Can this possibly occur with the current flowing in both directions? The top (2 donut & Anu) pictures are my one original graphic view.

 After compression the Anu released rapidly expands & meets another Anu travelling in the opposite direction that is the same size but is already contracting. One atheric stream flows over whilst in the expansion phase and then inside the other aetheric stream in its contraction phase.

In a book on the ‘Inert gasses’ it suggested the idea that since the electrons mass being smaller than a thousandth of the protons mass, might it be possible that the electron was the top end of the vortex in the ether that grounded itself in the proton’s mass. This explained the electrons incessant motion & impossible to locate & measure (Psst its still just a theoretical particle).

So I’ll review Charles Leadbeaters work on electric currents. He said that the Anu lined up in parallel lines, in an electric field male, female, M, F etc. The aetheric currents were said to flow through the centre of the Anu (He affectionately drew the Anu as ' heart shapes' on a string).

Walter Russell’s view also showed the flow of aetheric currents as 2 spiralling lines that come from opposite directions, both expand & contract in alternate cycles & spiralling waves. One spiral expands as the other contracts. Is this beginning to gel for you yet?

This reminds me of the electric current said to be ‘electrons flowing’ in one direction but the current ‘flow of positivity’ going in the other direction. This confused me a lot till I realised no one really knows for sure. What if its not either/or but actually both simultaneously. A flow in both directions, Forward & backward in time.

This has lead me to theorise conclude and presume (Oh how dangerous!) some more. Here goes!

With the chain of Anu as each is swallowed by another there is an attraction & the lines of spiralling force in the toroid ‘within’ will spin opposite the lines of spiralling force on the outer Anu. The Anu’s head ends seem to attract & the tail end’s seem to repel. Are these crossing field lines creating Scalar fields that are switching on & off rapidly. These field lines cross at varying angles from acute to obtuse and would be strongest at (90 degrees). ( see scalar Smith coil on last page)

Two different types of field strengths will be happening. When a yin Anu is within a yang Anu both are empowered and augmented as a ‘yang’ inner yin surface will be in compression contact with the ‘yin’s’ outer yang surface. When a yin Anu has a yang Anu passing through the contacting surface of the yang’s outer yang Must be powerfully opposite (perhaps harsh, even course) the yin’s inner yin surface. So they may neutralise each other, balance each other or disturb and negate ..?    None the less these 2 types of passage are very different.

Then there is Krafft’s picture of an electron as dual toroids with energy entering at the poles emerging at the equatorial point of contact. . Krafft’s proton also with dual doughnuts but here energy exits the poles and enters the equatorial contact zone. (See page 3). Next his neutron is a combination of electron & proton. So let me lead you though the fusion of 4 toroids of the 2 in electron 2 in the proton into 3. The 2 toroids (one of electron & one of the proton) will both have the same spin so they will merge into a fatter unified central doughnut seen in the neutrons 3 toroids or just leave a spare donut neutrino.( See the large picture above)

Please turn your attention to the Bergmans ring cycle. Note the aetheric flow RING. Consider this that perchance an oscillation where the electron & proton merge to form a neutron then rebound & separate to then cause the other pair of proton & electron to merge.

This might explain why the charge of the proton wanders onto the neutron and about the nucleus of the atom

A kind of rhythmic dance around the aether flow er ring cycle (Flowering Ring Cycle in the aether)

Here the toroidal  atomic structure of a helium atom with 2 electrons, 2 neutrons & 2 protons. The neutron, according to Bergman, is really a combined electron and proton since neutrons decompose upon release into an electron & proton. At the nuclear level, the protons & neutrons are continuously changing back & forth into each other. The Helium atom acts like 4 neutrons because the 2 electrons and 2 protons operate like two more neutrons. (This is like Krafft’s ! Did they know each other or have the same teacher or insights? Freaky)

Now just as I bait you with one radical Idea, here’s another. 

What if the electron torus leaps in the aetheric flower dance over the proton then inside the next proton? Recall Kraft’s model of the over under alternation. Proton swallows electron that expands to swallow the next proton. It’s a dizzy picture electrons around the twist. Bear with me just a bit more please!  Please recall also that there are two types of passage through the doughnut by another toroid. One combination augments the other may neutralise into a neutron momentarily, in the dance of the flower.

So look now at the picture of time flowing (I like flowering) in two directions through black & white holes. Are these 2 toroids like Anu they certainly flow in opposite directions with us aware of only the forward flow? In conclusion since Bergman’s & Krafft’s work strongly suggests that a transformation of protons into neutrons & back again may be common. Then with Maxwell’s train of vorticies, given my variation in direction, & Walter Russell’s 2 way spirals expanding & contracting …well I just have to jump to this conclusion that toroids may well enjoy this over under dance. The creator may have a poetically twisted nature that likes to twine & play with change, in a fun kinda way. Transformation of elements is also easy in the toroid or vortex. Walter Russell suggests its just the angular tilt of the spiral waveform placed into the toroidal form of the element (as suggested with the Odic periodic tables 4 toroids LCW, RCW, LCCW & RCCW


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