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pic 1 Oct. 88 (me)

pic 2 winter 88 (me)

pic 3 summer 97 (me and my niece "Ember")

pic 4 fall 97 (my cat "Thrasher", my littlest dog "Moppet", and me)

pic 5 fall 97 (my dad "Clarence", my grandfather, me, and my mom's husband "Jimmy")

pic 6 fall 97 (me, my uncle "Jackie" and Jimmy)

pic 7 Nov. 97 (me) my best attempt at looking spooky *LMAO*

pic 8 Nov. 97 (me)

pic 9 Nov. 97 (me)

pic 10 April 25, 98---my induction into Phi Theta Kappa (me and my grandmother)

pic 11 April 25, 98---my induction into Phi Theta Kappa (me and my mom)

pic 12 April 25, 98---my induction into Phi Theta Kappa (my mom, me, my grandmother and Jimmy)

pic 13 Summer 98---(my mom and her dog "Max")

pic 14 Summer 98---(my grandfather and me)

pic 15 11/22/98---the eve of my 29th bday (me)

pic 16 12/21/98---(me)

pic 17 12/24/98---(Clarence and me)

pic 18 12/24/98---(me)

pic 19 summer/fall 99---(my niece "Ashlyn")

pic 20 summer/fall 99---(my nephew "Gregory", Ashlyn, my sister "Christina", and my soon to be brother in law "Jason")

pic 21 10/99---(me when my mom wakes me up on a Sunday morning)

pic 22 10/99---(me)

pic 23 fall 99 (Gregory and Ashlyn)

pic 24 Thanksgiving 99 (Jimmy, mom, Christina, my brother "Arthur" and me)

pic 25 Thanksgiving 99 (me, Christina and Arthur)

pic 26 Thanksgiving 99 (me and mom)

(the next 26 pix were taken when me and my friend Steve worked on the set of the ABC Original movie "Muhammad Ali: King Of The World")

KOTW pic 1 12/19/99

KOTW pic 2 12/19/99

KOTW pic 3 12/19/99

KOTW pic 4 12/19/99

KOTW pic 5 12/19/99

KOTW pic 6 12/19/99

KOTW pic 7 12/19/99

KOTW pic 8 12/19/99

KOTW pic 9 12/21/99

KOTW pic 10 12/21/99

KOTW pic 11 12/21/99

KOTW pic 12 12/21/99

KOTW pic 13 12/21/99

KOTW pic 14 12/21/99

KOTW pic 15 12/21/99

KOTW pic 16 12/21/99

KOTW pic 17 12/21/99

KOTW pic 18 12/21/99

KOTW pic 19 12/22/99

KOTW pic 20 12/22/99

KOTW pic 21 12/22/99

KOTW pic 22 12/22/99

KOTW pic 23 12/22/99

KOTW pic 24 12/22/99

KOTW pic 25 12/22/99

KOTW pic 26 12/22/99

pic 27 12/25/99 (me)

pic 28 12/25/99 (gregory)

pic 29 12/25/99 (ashlyn)

I finally graduated ya'll!!! I was also chosen as the male student speaker at the ceremony (triumphant pose). Below are a few pix from my graduation that one of my friends took with a digital camera. I'll post more and a few regular pix when I get all my film developed (I know I've been sayin that for over a year now)

grad pic 1 5/11/01 (me giving my speech)

grad pic 2 5/11/01 (me with the female student speaker)

grad pic 3 5/11/01 (me, my mom, and Clarence)

grad pic 4 5/11/01 (me with with my fan club. my best friend Juan sitting on the right, my dad Clarence sitting on the left, and from left to right standing :my evil twin Jennifer, my biggest fan Sony, my mentor Vinson, my girlfriend Charise, my little sis Maria, and my fav instructor Mrs. Mullinax)

club pic 1 6/16/01 (from left to right: Kellen, Angie, Maria, Jennifer, Rachael, and my grrlfriend Charise - my bad if I misspelled any names)

Ozzfest 2001 pic 7/3/01 (the only pic I have from my roadtrip to Ozzfest 2001 in San Antonio. from left to right: my grrlfriend Charise, me, Maria, Jennifer, and Carl)

club pic 2 7/6/01 (my baby "Charise" & me - feeling very good as you can see)

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