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Here are some linx to some of my friends homepages. check em out!!

r ؃ hw~VF1~ DEMENTED MIND one of the coolest guys I know on the net. he's also the Lord of the Vampire Fury Clan. oh, and ladies, he's a charmer like myself :)

[email protected] Bowl [email protected] K讙's page - this guy iz super cool. thanx for the help and patience guy, in answering all my stupid questions :)

wee Gavit Opiate's page - a very cool grrl who's got the best page about TOOL that I've seen :)

the Punkin Patch snOwbith's page - a very dear friend of mine, who was one of the first people I ever chatted with :)

The Home of Hell's Fury he he he he, my best friend :)

Aphrodite's Temple absolutely the sweetest grrl in the world :)

r膆 m a super cool grrl who is a true r駧. as a matter of fact she's known as r駧 rl膆 of the TWP, just about the coolest group of grrls you'll ever talk to :)

Annie's Home One of the coolest grrlz I know. Check out one of the pix she created for me

Click the pic to check out another one of her homepages, this one is my fave (she's got like a billion) =o YOU ROCK ANNIE!!!!!! Thanx so much for everything and bein there to listen to my crap and stuff, stay sweet :o)

Websurfers Hideout Dark Knight and GrassHead's page - a couple of my online homeboys, they have the tightest page on the net :)

GH's Homepage what can I say, the guy likes makin homepages :oP I only wish I knew a tenth of what he does about the stuff. his self made grafix are kewl, check it out :)

Kayla's Homepage a sweet and kewl grrl, who is an absolute pleasure to chat with :)

Rascal King's Hangout another one of my online homeboys, I love his taste in movies :)

~*~Mindy's~*~Page a very kewl grrl who know's a thing or 2 about html. thanx 4 da help doll :)

cranberry ***turtle's page- the only person on the net I've met that has more energy than me. it must be something in the air cuz she's from H-Town like me :)

Fiesty(Grr...) a grrl so cool, she was the first to put me on her page :)

Unrefined Evil She's Crafty's page - like myself, a very honest person who LOVES the 80's :)

The Wacky World Of Tonia The Freshman's page- a cool friend who I love to joke with. she's just as silly and goofy as I am, but of course she'll never admit that *L* :)

Snowangel's Page a very sweet and kewl grrl from Australia. her page is sooooo cool! :)

Jaymz's Homepage a cool grrl I used to chat with at the Chathouse. she adores Trent and Marilyn, enuff said :)

Tara's Place a very cool grrl :) haven't seen her in a while though :(

LicheLord's Lair Magus's page - a cool dude who, like myself, loves METALLICA!! :)

TROJEN's Dream Home Page Pedro's page - one of my fellow lab aids at the college I work and study at. I love his page. he has a thing about beautiful women :)

critical-error's Home Page another fellow lab aid, who is so cool he created this image of me :)

Superstars of Wrestling Web Page Juan's page - my partner in crime at school *L* another lab aid who, like myself, loves wrestling. check his page out. GOLDBERG IZ DA MAN!!! :)

Denny's Place my boss, and one of the coolest people I've ever met, he helped me out when I was just starting to use computers :)

Los Magnificos Car Club PEEK-A-BOO!'s page - a former fellow lab aid and the one who turned me on to chatting :)

Melissa's Homepage a very smart and sweet grrl at my college, who I love harassing, and vice/versa I'm sure *L* :)

Battleground Speedway Online Mike's page - the coolest computer instructor a person could ever ask for and an absolute pleasure to work with. :)

F§T F/23's HomePage this grrl is really cool. she always has a comeback to my silly comments that usually render me speechless =o she's a cutie too :)

Charlotte's Hanging Garden Hope's page - one of my best online friends and one of the nicest grrls I know, just don't piss her off *L* :)

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