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What exactly is a cat cafe?

We're glad you asked! A cat cafe is a place where you can hang out with adoptable felines, sip on your favorite beverage, and snack on a yummy pastry.

What should I wear when I go in the Meow Kingdom?

There are no restrictions for attire. However, please bring your own socks as you will remove your shoes. Also, shorts or skirts are not recommended to lower the chance of scratches.

Do you have an age policy?

In order to ensure the safety of our cats as well as your tiny hoomans, the minimum age for visiting the cafe is 12 years old.

Can I bring my own cat to hang out with me at the cafe?!

No. Please no. Trust us, we have plenty of them here for you to pet and cuddle!

Why are the cats separate from the cafe?

We prioritize our guests safe and healthy to design a space that is comfortable. This is why we have a completely separate area called the Meow Kingdom for our cats to relax and play. We also have special doors for intake and adoptions so no kitty will go through our cafe at any point. We strive to have the cleanest and healthiest cafe for our guests, and this helps ensure that all food and drink is free from kitty hair.

What if I'm allergic to cats?

Not a problem! We have a full-service café with lots of comfortable seating and a great view of the Meow Kingdom. The two areas have separate ventilation for your comfort. No kitties are ever transferred through the cafe, so you should not have allergy issues in our cafe.

Why is there a fee to visit the kitties?

Our primary goal is to provide you with a unique environment to fall in love with your next 'fur baby,' and we try hard to balance between cost and the quality of experience. We devote a big portion of our space to cat care, and the admission fee helps us continue to operate to find homes for rescue cats. It would not be possible to maintain this wonderful place without our lovely customers.

Do you HAVE to have a reservation to visit?

Nope, not necessarily! Reservations to visit the cafe are only highly recommended, not required. Because we only allow a small number of people into our cat lounge at a time, we cannot accept walk-ins when we are at capacity. We recommend booking at least one day before you would like to visit to ensure your spot when you arrive!

When is the best time to visit the cafe?

The most prime time kitty action occurs early in the day and late at night, so your best bet for interacting with playful and active cats is during our first reservation hour of the day and the last reservation period of the night. Weekends are our busiest times, so if you don't want to share your kitty snuggles, we would recommend visiting any time Monday through Friday!

Where are all of the cats from?

All of the cats are provided by Malaysian Cats Society! We act as a big foster home for them, and we usually take care of anywhere between 20 to 25 cats at any given time.

I fell in LOVE with a cat I met at the cafe. Can I adopt them?!

OMG YES! All of the cats at the cafe are adoptable through our partner shelters. Just let us know the kitty you want to make your furrrever pal, and we can handle all of the paperwork right here in the cafe!

I found a stray cat on the street! Can I bring it to you guys?

Unfortunately, no. In order to ensure the health and safety of our kitties, all cats in the cafe must be checked out by veterinarians at our partner shelters to make sure they are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and healthy enough to live in a group environment with our other adoptable cats.

If you found a stray cat and you don’t know what to do, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to try and help in any way we can.