Recently; Todd ,Allen, and Konstantin attended the Aiki Expo 2005 in S. Cal.  Attending the expo were some of the top instructors of Aikido, Koryu, Aiki-Jujutsu, Kenjutsu, and Systema in the world.  Each returned with enhanced perspectives of the martial arts, their own training, and some interesting technical applications.  Further information can be found at:
    If anyone is wondering where Todd has been, he is still around.  Although, due to other commitments in regards to a residential change for he and his family, he is unable to attend De Anza Aikido regularly.  The move will take place sometime during late 2005 and early 2006, and will either be to Washington or Japan.  He may arrive occasionally & spontaneously for practice before that time
    Welcome the the 2004-2005 school year at De Anza College.  We expect many new & returning students to be attending the Aikido program once again.  Sensei Jeff Adams & sensei David Brown along with Todd will be returning this year.  We expect this year to especially fruitful.  After having worked together for a few years these three have refined the beginning class presentation for optimal results.  In addition, the intermediate course will see more & more residence time with the bokken.  Thereby moving more towards riai, and the development of more viable kihon waza.
    De Anza Aikido is now formally affiliatied with the CAA (California Aikido Association) in Division 3.  Division 3 is headed by Robert Nadeau shihan (7th dan) who was an uchi deshi of O'Sensei.  We will update students in class on seminars and events sponsered by the CAA that may be of interest.  Please visit the CAA (California Aikido Association) website to learn about the organization.
    Congratulation to Allen on passing his shodan exam (1st degree black belt), November 2004.  Allen has been visiting De Anza Aikido for a number of years while being a formal member of a local Aikido dojo.  We hope to see him in his hakama at De Anza Aikido more & more.
The Doshu (Head of the Way) of Aikido, Ueshiba, Moriteru, visited the U.S.A. during the month of March.  The last time Doshu visited the U.S. was about 8 years ago.  The seminar was attended by many of the prominent Aikidoka in the USA.  Those that were not in attendence sent their acknowledgements.  Jeff Sensei & Todd (íČ) attended, as well as other local Aikidoka.  Please visit the CAA (California Aikido Association) website for further information.
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