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June 1, 2000
•Darrian Chapmam is now settled in Chicago and is getting ready to step in as Sports Reporter and Weekend Sports Anchor for WMAQ-TV NBC 5 CHICAGO NEWS.  Chapman, who had left WRC-TV NEWS 4 started on May 31 at NBC Tower in Chicago and according to the Chicago Sun-Times, he is expected to make his on-air debut in a week or so.  Both WMAQ-TV and WRC-TV are both owned by NBC.

•VERONICA JOHNSON brings her many on-air talents and meteorological expertise to NBC O & O WRC-TV in Washington, D.C., where she is the new meteorologist for the station's 4 P.M. weekday newscast. Veronica will also be the regular fill-in at 5, 6 and 11 P.M. for D.C. weather legend Bob Ryan. Veronica's resume includes positions with WMAR-TV, WABC-TV, and The Weather Channel.

•WUSA 9 Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Doug Hill is moving out of Broadcast House.  Hill who made Broadcast House his home since 1984 has left to become the Chief Meteorologist for WJLA News7.  Hill told The Washington Post "The timing was right and I was very impressed with the talks I had with the folks from Allbritton.  They made me an offer and described to me where they're headed and got me excited enough to uproot myself after 16 years. I'm very psyched."

June 23, 2000
Winners of the 42nd annual Capital Region Emmy Awards:

News Specials, Segment – "Curbstoning," WTTG, Elisabeth Leamy, reporter, and Carolyn Hong, producer

Photography: Public Affairs, Children's, Entertainment, Documentary – "Dragons & Damsels," MPT, Marlene Rodman; "Georgetown Visitation: 200 Years," Virginia Wolf Productions, Frank Maniglia Jr.; "Bower Birds and the Bees," MPT, Pat Stalionis

Editing: News Segments, Spot News – "White House Photographer," WJLA, Karen L. Ours; "Rough Roads," WJLA, Patrick Donnelly; "This Is Buzz," WTTG, Erik Naso

Direction, Live – composite, WBAL, Donald Horner and "13 News at 6 – Floyd Aftermath," WVEC, Adam Steiner

Promotion, Programming – "Redskins Report," WRC, Robert Byrne, producer

Public Affairs Programs, Regularly Scheduled – "Virginia Currents #816," WCVE, John G. Warner, May-Lily Lee, Lauralee Adams and Shawn M. Freude, producers

Investigative Reports – "Critical Condition," WTTG, Elisabeth Leamy, reporter, and Carolyn Hong, producer; and "Rave," WTTG, Elisabeth Leamy, reporter, and Carolyn Hong, producer

News Segments, Sports – "Joe Jackson," WRC, George Michael, reporter, Joe Schreiber and Rich Mather, producers; "The Negro Leagues," WRC, Jeff Greenberg, producer

Photography, Sports – "Powerlifter," WTTG, Doug Wilkes

Sports Programming, Sports Segments – "The Roaring Lion," East Coast Creative, Mary Mendoza, producer-reporter

News Segments: Features, Hard – "Heart to Heart," WBFF, Kathleen Cairns, reporter, Jody Weldon, producer; and "A Prosecutor With a Past," WUSA, Bruce Leshan, reporter

Promotion, Station Image – "News 7 Weather," WJLA, David Hershey and Will Sliger, producers; "We've Got the Games," WTTG, Andrew Baker, producer; "Get Cookin'," WETA, Jacqueline Todt, producer

Photography: News Segments, Spot News – "Diner," WBFF, John Anglim; composite, WBFF, Brian Tankersley; composite, WBFF, John Anglim

Entertainment Programs, Specials – "Viva Hollywood! The Talent of Hispanic America," ZGS Communications, Eduardo A. Zavala and Shellee Haynesworth, producers

Audio, Engineering – "Report From the Ravenszone," Baltimore Ravens, Joel Kitay and Adam Oberfeld

Public Affairs Programs, Specials – "Diver© ity," WNVC, Debbie Mintz, Vallery Bryan and Mike Khatcheressian, producers; and "Bower Birds and the Bees," MPT, Kenneth R. Day, producer

Graphics – "1999 WVEC Show Reel," WVEC, Tymm Smith and Eugene Gonzales

Host, Interviewer, Moderator – "Vid Kid" composite, MPT, Robert W. Heck

Children's Programs, Regularly Scheduled – "NASA Connect: Geometry of Exploration," NASA Langley Research Center, William E. Bensen, producer; and "NASA Connect: The Measurement of All Things," NASA Langley Research Center, William E. Bensen, producer

Photography: News Series, News Specials – "Curbstoning," WTTG, F. David Rysak; and "Fire & Mice" composite, WTTG, F. David Rysak

Technical Direction – composite, NewsChannel 8, Jason D. Radke

Documentaries – "Tibetan Freedom Concert: Beyond the Music," WNVC, Debbie Mintz, producer; "Renoir to Rothko: The Eye of Duncan Phillips," WETA, Jackson Frost, producer; "Stolen Years," The Blackwell Corp., Neal B. Freeman, producer

Writing, News – "Parking Perks, Kara, Bomb Squad," WJLA, Del Walters and Cindy Wright; and "Duck Racer," WTTG, Al Feinberg

Program Segments, Documentary – "Hurricane Camille," WCVE, May-Lily Lee, producer-reporter, and Mason W. Mills, producer

Program Segments, Entertainment – "The Tony Awards," independent, Mike Baker Jr.

News Series, Hard News – "The Crucible," WUSA, Mark Lodato, reporter; "Guilty Until Proven Innocent," WVEC, Bryan Barbee and Byron Burney, producers, and Barbara Ciara, producer-reporter

Program Segments, Public Affairs – "Hungry for Hollywood," MPT, Frank Batavick, producer; "Outdoors Maryland: Rabbit Run," MPT, Robin Lloyd, producer; "Metro Magazine: Arts Advocacy Day," independent, Mike Baker Jr.

Writing, Programs – "Renoir to Rothko: The Eye of Duncan Phillips," WETA, Norman Allen

Direction, Tape/Film – composite, WBAL, Donald Horner; and "Richmond Police Domestic Violence Prevention," independent, Eric Allan Futterman

News Segments: Features, Soft – "Business of Wrestling," WBFF, Jeff Abell, reporter; "Diner," WBFF, John Barr, reporter; "Whistling Waiter," WTTG, Al Feinberg, producer-reporter; "See You at the Movies," WBFF, Jenny Atwater, reporter, and Brian Tankersley, producer

Writing: PSA, Promotion – composite, WTTG, Jonathan Killian; and composite, WRC, Robert Byrne

Editing: News Series, News Specials – "Internet-Fire" composite, WTTG, F. David Rysak

News Programs: Evening (4 p.m. to midnight), Medium Market – "WB News at 6:30: Tower Fire," WNUV, Cathy Hobbs Rettew, producer

Sportscast – "George Michael Sportscasts," WRC, George Michael, reporter, and Jeff Greenberg and Pat Lackman, producers

Editing, Sports – composite, WRC, Dan Prior; composite, WRC, Gary Krimstein

Sports Programming, Sports Specials – "Sunday Night Live," WJLA, Rich Daniel and Alex Parker, producers; and "The Wizards at the Millennium," WRC, Jeff Greenberg and Chris Kerwin, producers

Sports Anchor – composite, WTTG, Brett Haber

Specialty Reports – "Daily Live Feature Reports," WTTG, Holly Morris, producer-reporter, and Lucille Baur, producer

Public Service Announcements – "ABC7's Celebrate the Bay Project," WJLA, David Hershey and Natalie Jennings, producers; and "Trigger Lock," Potomac Inc., Keith Haller and Daniel A. Cohen, producers

Editing: PSA, Promotion – composite, WRC, Todd W. Troop; composite, WTTG, Andrew Baker; "A to Z Kids Campaign," WETA, Darwin Silver

Audio, Studio/Remote – "Outdoors Maryland #905," MPT, John R. Davidson; and composite, MPT, John R. Davidson and David Wainwright

News Segments, General News – "Black & White," WJZ, Mike Schuh, reporter, and Joel Eagle, producer

Weathercasting – composite, WTTG, Tom Sater; and "Signed Weather for the Deaf and Special Needs Students," WBFF, Lori Pinson

Promotion, News – "Raves," WTTG, Jonathan Killian, producer; and "The 'N' Word," WVEC, Tymm Smith and Russell Wolfe, producers

Spot News – "Police Shooting Rally," WBFF, Jenny Atwater, reporter

News Series, Features – "Yesterday's Courage: A Pilgrimage to Alabama," WUSA, Gordon Peterson, producer-reporter, Samara Martin Ewing and Albert Calogero, producers; "Helping Honduras – Operation Smile," WVEC, Kathryn Barrett, reporter, and Doug Sesny, producer; "Up Late on 8," NewsChannel 8, John Lisle, producer-reporter

Capital Region Community Service Award – "1999 Car Seat Safety," WUSA

News Anchor – composite, WUSA, Gordon Peterson; and composite, WRC, Jim Vance

News Programs: Evening (4 p.m. to midnight), Large Market – "News4 at 6 (March 3, 1999)," WRC, Margie Ruttenberg, producer, and Jim Vance, producer-reporter; and "Eyewitness News Tonight (Sept. 16, 1999)," WUSA, Valery Lodato, producer

Board of Governors Award – Terry Zahn, WVEC (posthumously)

Glenn Brenner Award – Nannette Wilson, WRC

Ted Yates Award – Charlie Uchima, WTTG (posthumously)

July 21, 2000

From July 18 Edition of Electronic Media
WRC-TV, Washington, said it plays to carry HDTV coverage of the Republican and Democratic national conventions on its digital channel. The NBC-owned station is picking up coverage produced by NHK Japan Broadcasting Corp., which is the host of the high-definition digital television pool at the conventions. The coverage will have no commentary and minimal commercial interruptions, the stations said. The station will broadcast from about 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on each night of the convention and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the Mondays. WRC-TV does its digital broadcasting on Channel 48.

•July 20 Edition of Electronic Media
WBAL-TV Channel 11 will be an NBC affiliate for 10 more years along with nine other NBC Affiliates owned by Hearst-Argyle. Hearst-Argyle Television Thursday said it signed a new 10-year affiliation deal covering all 10 of its NBC affiliates. The deal calls for NBC to make compensation payments during the course of the agreement, though the companies did not disclose the specifics of the financial agreements. NBC has agreed to a floor level of local inventory for the Hearst-Argyle stations, which in turn have agreed to a specific level of promotion for NBC’s shows. NBC Network President Randy Falco said the deal indicates that networks and affiliates can still work together.  The agreement also has outlines for other business arrangements between NBC and Hearst-Argyle, ranging from uses of Internet and digital spectrum to working with the NBC-owned stations to buy and develop programming. Hearst-Argyle and NBC continue to discuss setting up joint sales agreements with Paxson Communications stations in Hearst-Argyle markets.  WBAL was originally an NBC affiliate until it switched to CBS in 1981.  It returned to the peacock in 1995.

August 17, 2000

WJZ and WBAL which brags about being Baltimore's Favorite News Team and Baltimore's Number One Station, respectively, both can brag about being on top of the July ratings period.  WBAL's 11pm news team of Rod Daniels and Marianne Bannister topped WJZ's Denise Koch and Vic Carter Monday through Friday.  But it was WJZ that won for the full week, Monday through Sunday.  WBAL was the most watched at 5pm as well as seeing some more viewers tuning in.  WJZ still remained the favorite at 5.  WJZ's morning program with Don Scott and Marty Bass is still ahead distancing WMAR and WBAL.

August 22, 2000

Binswanger: History.  WTTG FOX 5 Management felt that FOX 5 Morning News Anchor Josh Binswanger's new gig as host of a program on The History Channel is a conflict of interest.  So Binswanger is leaving.  WTTG News Director Katherine Green told The Washington Post "We're really sorry to see him go, but we know this is a great opportunity for him and wish him the best of luck.  He's moving into an arena that is viewed as a competitive environment with news. We felt that he would have to do one thing or the other."  Binswanger has been co-host of the History Channel show "This Week in History" with Giselle Fernandez since it debuted on Aug. 11.  Binswanger's replacement Michael Gargiulo who has been a Hearst Washington Correspondent for three years.  He is slated to start on September 5.  Binswanger will still live in Washington while doing the show out of New York.

August 30, 2000
Brett Haber, WTTG FOX 5 Sports Director for the past three years, is leaving.  Leaving to become 11:00pm Sports Anchor in his native New York on WCBS-TV.  He will temporarily be replaced by Dave Feldman, who is coming from ESPN and was originally hired to replace Chick Hernandez who left to do the FOX Regional Sports Report.  Holly Gauntt, assistant news director at WTTG, said the station is in the process of finding a replacement for Haber, and that Feldman will be a candidate for his main weeknight anchor position. He joins the station on Wednesday, and will also handle WTTG's pregame and postgame shows around Sunday's season-opening Washington Redskins game.  Haber had been negotiating with Channel 5 on a new contract in recent months but rejected the station's final offer to take the job at CBS 2.  Haber told The Washington Post that the opportunity to return home and to work with Wolf were critical factors in his decision to leave WTTG. He also indicated that WCBS said there could be opportunities to do some work for CBS Sports, as well.  "It's been an unbelievable experience, more than I expected on a number of levels," Haber said of his three years at WTTG. "I worked with some very talented people, and they made it easy. As far as Warner is concerned, I grew up in Manhattan watching him on Channel 2, and it's thrilling and surreal to have the chance to work beside the guy."

• John S. Batchelder 1917-2000
John S. Batchelder, 83, a former announcer and reporter at WRC radio and at the WMAL and WJLA television stations, died of a stroke Aug. 14 at a hospital in Sarasota, Fla., where he lived. He retired from WJLA in 1976.
  Mr. Batchelder was host of the Saturday night movie on Safeway Theater and a news, sports and weather broadcaster. He was also the announcer for "Bowler's Choice," "Bowling Fun" and "Money Movie 7," and did the introductions for ABC news briefs.  As a freelance announcer, he narrated voice-overs for historic sites. They include the Washington Monument, Smithsonian Institution, National Archives, Fort McHenry, Fort Vancouver, Vicksburg, Fort Pulaski, Mount Rainier and Yellowstone national parks, the Gettysburg battlefield and Luray Caverns.  Mr. Batchelder was a native of Cleveland and a graduate of Kent State University. He did graduate work in broadcasting at Syracuse University and was a radio announcer in that area of New York. He moved to Washington in 1943 to work for WRC.  His marriage to Marion Batchelder ended in divorce.  Survivors include his wife, Jane Batchelder of Sarasota; four children from his first marriage, Pamela Gately-Przylepa of Glen Burnie and Jay S. Batchelder, Dale A. Batchelder and John L. Batchelder, all of Germantown; four stepchildren, Thomas Monard of Prince Frederick, Petty Norris of New Port Richey, Fla., Debbie Ciccirrolo of Sarasota and Chip Fadley of Charlottesville; 10 grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.


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