(Picture by Matti Aumala)
    The horned molok is an African theropod that is remarkably similiar to Carnotaurs of Cretaceous South America, a smaller relative of the black beast

    Horned moloks live in small packs of 6-10 adult females and one male. There are in fact two species of moloks, of which the horned molok (Afromoloch diabolus), is the larger, growing to about 9 meters long (males), while the caped molok (Afromolok colarus) grows only to lenghths of 7 meters.

    Both sexes have large horny ridges above their eyes. These ridges have probably evolved to shadow the eyes from the midday sun, but the male's ridges have become ridiculosly large and unfunctional horns. They seem to be purely sexual ornaments, as though the males have ritualistic butting contests over the females, they only use the horny growths in front of the eye horns. The male horned molok doesn't take part in the hunt (though this might  just be because of the large horns).

(Text by Matti Aumala)
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