(Picture by Daniel Bensen)
    The caped molok (Afromoloch colarus) is the smaller of the two molok species (the other being the magnificent horned molok) and lives in northern Africa and Asia Minor.  Although these 6-7 meter-long predators are tiny compared to their cousins, the black beasts, caped moloks are often the largest predators of the arid scrub that is their habitual home.

    Caped moloks are non-gregarious, hunting singly or in mated pairs.  The males of the species tend to be more lightly-built than the females, and sport enlarged brow-horns (though not nearly so large as those of the horned molok) and bright red scales on the bridge of the nose.  Both sexes sport the "cape" of dark scales for which the species is named.

(Text by Daniel Bensen)
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