Nudism in the 1950's

After the Second World War, nudist camps opened all over America. During the 1950's the lifestyle found an unparalleled growth until politics and religion intervened. Soon, laws were passed forbidding nudism around America. Social nudists were forced away from the cities. From the 1950's to the 1980's the lifestyle grew rapidly. Nudists quickly learned that there was no correlation between sex and being naked. The men at nudist camps did not get erections upon seeing nude women as was commonly believed by outsiders.
Nudist Women in Portugal
Nude Threesome
Then, in the early 1990's nudism in America begun to change, with new club owners arriving with fresh ideas to promote their nudist clubs. "Clothing Optional" had become the new term. Anyone interested in nudism could come first to check out the club without getting nude. Clothing optional really was the norm at most clubs. Even the clubs which said they were "Nude Only" would allow clothing to be worn in most recreation areas which once demanded total nudity. Traditional nudists were leaving clubs in record numbers.

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