Phrog Shop

What Is Phrog Shop?

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Phrog Shop is a platform where creators from all over the world sell their products. It is a great place to shop for unique and handmade items, and since many creators also take commissions or special requests, Phrog Shop is a great place to find that special customized item that you can’t get anywhere else! It is free to sign up for and free to use, and sells everything from prints to jewelry, and hats to shoes. Go to the Sign Up page to sign up and to be able to sell your creations!

What is Phrog Shop's Mission?


Phrog Shop was founded with the purpose of providing amateur creators and entrepreneurs a free, safe, and easy platform to use when their business is just starting out, and customers with a place to purchase meaningful and unique products. By using Phrog Shop, you can show your support for small businesses, and find amazing deals! now more than ever, it is important to show our support for small businesses, to promote creativity and variety in the market.

About the Creator

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Phrog Shop was designed, implemented and coded by Ella Spendlove. Spendlove was an amateur artist who wanted to be able to sell her works online, but the threat of fraud and/or unsafe and unfair websites kept her from doing so.this inspired her to create her own website to sell her works on, which soon expanded to allow other businesses to have a reliable patform to sell their works on to!