Meet the Organizers

While we don't have officers as of yet, here are some of the people who help make the minyan happen.

Don Makovsky
Don founded the Minyan in 1992 as a way to help the patients at Jewish Hospital as well as their families.  Don also works at Block Yeshiva High School in multiple capacities.

Judy Makovsky
Judy is Don's wife and is an educator with Block Yeshiva.  She organizes the Kiddush and meals.

Bob Samberg
Bob handles the nuts and bolts of organizing the Minyan.  He deals with the administrators at Barnes Jewish Hospital, arranges for the room, and sets up the room for the service.  He is the former owner of Basically Bagels on Euclid Ave. in the Central West End.

Karen Karabell
Karen is the lead force behind the Egalitarian Traditional Minyan.

Jonas Cooper
Jonas is our liason with Barnes Jewish Hospital and is one of our Torah Readers.  He is an internal medicine resident.

Gary Benson
Gary is an organizer at large.  He and his wife Nancy help Judy with the Kiddush.

Jacques LeBaher
Jacques is an organizer at large.  He is an orthodontics resident at St. Louis University.

Randy Silverstein
Randy is an organizer at large.  He is an internal medicine physician.

Marilyn Kincaid

Marilyn is an organizer at large and reads Torah for the egalitarian service.

Dan Kliman
Dan manages the computer work.  He is our webmaster, does the flyers, and sends out the announcements.  During the week, he works as an internal medicine physician and is a bicycle activist.  He recently moved to Oakland.  Check out the pictures from his Farewell Party.

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