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The Mechanical Maniacs


More Web³

Written by Gadg8eer, Oct. 26, 2023

Ice BoyRemoved the now-defunct Yesterweb Ring and added the Self-Insert Ring! More webrings are incoming as well, but I don't think that's what you want to hear, so... I plan to look into writing the pilot episode of Season 1 myself before the end of the year. Stay tuned.


Written by Gadg8eer, Nov. 2, 2021

Ice BoyWe've been added to the Yesterweb Ring and the Geek Ring! The internet has become too focused on social media ("Web 2.0"), so I feel like making the Lucky Lunatics part of the Web³ (decentralization) movement is a good move! You should find the webring to your left, below the link to the Mechanical Maniacs.

In other news, Season Zero got a minor update and some of the episodes have been renumbered. Mr. 86 is still working on the prologue of Season One, I swear!

Season Zero

Written by Gadg8eer, Apr. 27, 2021
New RecruitsUpdates

Ice BoySeason Zero has been up on the site for a while, but we never announced it in hopes that we could get the Prologue (Episode 1x00) out before announcing anything. Unfortunately, Mr. 86 has had to do... ugh... work, which means we'll probably be waiting a little while more to show it to any readers. Season Zero has only three episodes (0x00 through 0x02) and is probably complete, so I'll try to poke Mr. 86 every so often to do the one piece of writing he promised!

Guts Woman

Written by Gadg8eer, Dec. 15, 2020
New RecruitsUpdates

Ice BoyWe have a new recruit! Meet Becky, the new Guts Woman! That's about it, but I'll be making updates to the site over the next few hours.

A New Update

Written by Supernova-X, Nov. 15, 2020
Power OutageNew RecruitsUpdates

Cut ManStrong gusty winds arrive here this morning. An hour ago, the power in our area has been cutting off until we get it fixed. Right now, we got the power back. And not to mention that we have two new recruits. I added Doomer as Fire Man. Kaos is added, but don't need to be assigned as an existing villain or hero. However, we have the "imaginary friend" named Niles, who would be Guts Man in this update. Next time, see ya!

Another Recruit

Written by Supernova-X, Aug. 24, 2020
New RecruitsUpdates

Cut ManThanks to Stardust, we have found a new member: Nichellem as Bond Man. In case you didn't know, Bond Man is a scrapped Robot Master that was originally going to be used as a seventh boss in the first Mega Man game.

Our Discord Server!

Written by Supernova-X, Aug. 17, 2020

Cut ManHello and today's having a good news! Gadg8eer created a Discord server just for us! If anyone's interested, join the official Lucky Lunatics server!

Updates and a New Member

Written by Supernova-X, Aug. 15, 2020
New RecruitsUpdates

Cut ManToday we have two more recruits to the T: Gadg8eer as Ice Man and Stardust as Elec Man! Now there's two of them left for folks to open: Guts Man and Fire Woman. Once found the team will be complete!

Updates and a New Member

Written by Supernova-X, Aug. 14, 2020
New RecruitUpdates

Cut ManIt's Crys again. Just a few updates and all. Also, we had a new recruit! Hector as Bomb Man!

Welcome to the Lucky Lunatics!

Written by Supernova-X, Aug. 14, 2020.

Cut ManHey everyone! I am Crys, the local Cut-chan of Retropolis! Around the time back in the day, the first Mega Man Team is founded in the 90's, which started the fad of "Mega Man teams".

Be mind that I ain't visit here often as I am very heavingly lazy to do it. So I'll let my fellow recruits of our team to do the trick.

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