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Thanks To All Who Went To Washington, DC To Tell The President And Others To Deal With World Trade Center Illness.  Please Support Those Still Dealing With 9/11 To Get The Medical, Financial and Social Support They Need And Deserve.


The best film on World Trade Center Illness we've seen yet.

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Her name is Felicia Dunn-Jones and she is the first person acknowledged to have died (2/10/02) from World Trade Center Illness.  Her name was read along with the other victims without mention of the addition during the 9/11/07 memorial.

"Citing "accumulated scientific research" that linked sarcoidosis to ground zero exposure, Hirsch wrote in May, "the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has thus concluded that Mrs. Dunn-Jones' exposure to World Trade Center dust on 9/11/01 contributed to her death and it has been ruled a homicide." reports USA Today

After months of bounced emails from elected and appointed officials about World Trade Center Illness, this site went up in February, 2002.  The the death toll from 9/11 is rising as a result of the World Trade Center 1, 2 & 7 being exploded.

World Trade Center Cough and World Trade Center Illness are real health issues occurring since 9/11. People are dying and the government was, until recently saying the air was safe to breathe and the water safe to drink. 

The White House told the EPA to alter the health report about what the people were eating, drinking and breathing.  Officials quickly assured folks that the air was safe to breathe and the water safe to drink.  They didn't even begin testing for toxins in the first few days, when the count would have been the highest, the reading most accurate of the quantity of toxic exposure.  Why the sewers, who are suppose to be testing local air quality did not have readings for 9/11, is beyond me.  Both Red Hook and Newtown Creek may have numbers.  Also, Port Richmond and Owls Head were without obstruction and may have records of what was in the dust there.

World Trade Center Cough is a condition resulting from breathing the toxic materials released into the environment.  World Trade Center Illness is a condition that includes respiratory, digestive and other problems resulting from exposure to the WTC dust.   I've posted a piece on my blog, that explains in detail how WTC Illness is affecting folks.

"What we are now calling “World Trade Center Illness - sickness that results from exposure to the toxic dust of the WTC - can manifest as squamous cell cancer (SCC) or mesothelioma asbestos lung or stomach CANCER. Both cancers result from chronic chemical, petroleum by-products or asbestos exposure. There is a really great site The Asbestos and Mesothelioma Center that has more information on asbestos and World Trade Center Illness. 

Many other complications have occurred, including death.

"Felicia Dunn-Jones, a 42-year-old attorney who was caught in the dust cloud while fleeing the collapsing towers on Sept. 11, 2001, died of sarcoidosis, a disease that causes inflammation and scarring in the lungs, on Feb. 10, 2002."

Exposure increases risk, and folks have been exposed to large quantities of toxic material for years now. The City may have cleaned up the pile, but they didn't clean up the surrounding areas, and I don't know how far that dust reached.   

Since September 11, 2001, folks in parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have been breathing, eating and drinking the concentrated dust from the World Trade Center. It happened because rather than evacuate, New York City was put on lockdown.  The military filled the streets.  The people had no choice but to consume the toxic soup, drink the kool aid and hope you survive.

The toxic dust contained transformer oil contaminated with PCB's, polyvinyl, chloride, copper, furans, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, dioxins, asbestos, mercury from the computers and lights, thousands of gallons of jet fuel, and what the National Resources Defense Council - NRDC defined as “small hazardous waste generating entities.”  Add to that an estimated 50,000 personal computers with four pounds of lead each, pulverized, and that is 200,000 pounds of lead released into the atmosphere."

In August, 2006, the City of New York released guidelines to the medical community for how to deal with WTC Illness.  The report is from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene titled CLINICAL GUIDELINES FOR ADULTS EXPOSED TO THE WORLD TRADE CENTER DISASTER.

Page 47:

"The World Trade Center (WTC) terrorist attack and its aftermath exposed hundreds of thousands of people to debris, dust, smoke, and fumes. Studies conducted after September 11, 2001, among rescue and clean-up workers,1-4 office workers, 5 building evacuees,6 and residents of lower Manhattan 7-9 showed an increase in respiratory and other physical and mental health problems, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

Many New Yorkers have health problems that could be associated with – or made worse by – exposure to the attack and its aftermath. Primary care physicians need to know how to identify, evaluate, treat, and if necessary, refer these individuals to expert care."

The press copy should read BUSH TO CITY:  DROP DEAD....only this time it's literal.  The body count of victims of the WTC is rising, the death toll clock is still clicking, and the government has failed to give an accurate account of how many people died and are dying from the explosions at the World Trade Center in 2001. The standard rate for cancer to develop is between 5-15 years from exposure...which is why we are reading many stories about people still dying from exposure to the WTC toxic dust, much of which was never cleaned up, probably still in old curtains, children's toys and business people's suits as asbestos does not come out of fabric with traditional cleaning. 

The people were lied to and told the air was safe to breathe and the water safe to drink.  




If you were around Ground Zero during or we don't know how long after 9/11/01 here's the NRDC list: 


Item Amount
Building Materials 1.2 million tons
Jet Fuel thousands of gallons
Mercury from computers and light bulbs  
Asbestos 300-400 Tons
Concrete 424,000 Tons
Lead from 50,000 Personal Computers - 4 lbs. ea. 200,000 lbs
Main Frame Computers


 Wire and cables Hundreds of miles
Transformer Oil contaminated with PCB's 130,000 gallons

From Plastics (still looking for amounts)

polybrominated diphenyl ethers  
Small hazardous waste generating entities  




The evidence is too precise to ignore.

 (Loose Change, 2nd Edition)

As wrongfully imprisoned Ira Einhorn would say; here's the rub.  It wasn't just first responders exposed to the toxic dust for long periods of time.  Nor was it just adults.  Many people lived, worked or visited the area. 

In essence, when the buildings were pulverized, the dust spread and was in the air and water as well as on the food.  Contrary to what we've been told about the affected area, this dust spread beyond the borders of lower Manhattan.  The point in questioning surrounding areas is because bits and pieces of paper from the WTC were found on Long Island - if paper traveled that far, how far did the dust travel?  I remember being impressed at the ability to see 3 states from the WTC restaurant Windows On The World.  What if the dust traveled at least as far as I could see? 

The White House remains dynamically silent on the issue of World Trade Center Illness, failing to address their role in altering the EPA report that said the area was safe.  Where is the political debate on this issue?  Still no word about when the White House and the EPA will be brought to justice for lying to the people about the danger in the dust. 

There are volumes of information about exposure to toxic materials and cancer. 


Demand accountability from the White House and the EPA regarding both lying about the dangers in the dust and putting New York on lock down rather than evacuate.  I noticed that it was announced that the White House altered the EPA report regarding environmental safety during the week New York lost its electricity.

Contact your elected and appointed officials and demand a shift in medicine from studying the problem to implementing effective solutions.  They know the long term results of carcinogen exposure.  Squamous cell cancers on internal and external organs and orifices is what they are dealing with.  They also need to pull out what they know about exposure to heavy dust, airborne particulate matter, on folks lungs and stomach, because people ate, drank and breathed the toxic dust.

Rinsing one's system with clean, distilled water and reducing stress can help.  Old style medical treatments including hydrotherapy (which boosts the immune system and cleans toxins) and for those inclined, medical hemp (relieves stress, which is a major killer and cancer trigger) should be offered.  Provide full medical and life support coverage to those exposed.   Legalize hemp and tax it at 20% to create a revenue flow to support the health care crisis and solve other social problems.

Call together many of the metaphysical healers to have a discussion on techniques folks can use to use their minds to help heal their bodies.  For example, I've reconnected with Niro Markoff healed herself from HIV/ARC in 1986 and 20 years later she is still alive and well.  Given her extraordinary work in AIDS and exposure to World Trade Center dust as a result of her healing work, it's time to expand our definition of doctor.

Books to consider for further research on hydrotherapy include: 

The Complete Book of Water Healing
by Dian Dincin Buchman

Manual of Hydrotherapy and Massage
by Fred B. Moor

The Healing Energies of Water
by Charlie Ryrie


Check out the

No Cost Water Cure

Water Cure Recipe

Rescue workers are already manifesting World Trade Center Illness.  Chronic exposure to the toxic chemicals in the dust from the fallen WTC puts the population at risk from breathing and eating residual matter. 

When the problem is dirt, the solution is a cleansing.  What was called the Water Cure is a common sense approach to dealing with the high levels of toxic exposure. 

Jethro Kloss's book, BACK TO EDEN has a chapter on the subject covering the How To.


"Always do direct action.

If you are lying in a ditch with a truck on your ankles,
you don’t send somebody out to find out how much it weighs –
you get it off."

The Late, Great Flo Kennedy, Activist Attorney

SITE Features:

NYC Environmental Crisis is an overview of the situation. 

32 EPA Related Blunders is a look at the tragedy of errors made by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  

A moving explanation of a volunteer's experience at Ground Zero, and a great description of what was known as "the hole" is found in the Davis Report

WTC Fallout has a list of some of the materials that folks were exposed to when the buildings fell and afterwards.

For a bird's eye view of the times, including her emails about NYC on lockdown, read Nelson's Notes .   

The medical community is using the standard procedure of pills and shots to deal with this crisis.

Hydrotherapy information is listed above.   Medical Marijuana and World Trade Center Illness is more information on how the stress reduction of hemp has positive medical benefits. 


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