Dian Wilkerson

I was born and raised in West Texas where the only creative exposure was the tumbleweeds rolling up to my back door and the sand skidding across the highway. However, in this baron land there was a multitude of ceramic shops. That became my creative outlet. I came from a family filled with creativity in art and music, so some of it came easy to me. I have worked with various crafts and art mediums and won several awards for my piano music in my distant past. As a child, my dream was to be an artist, but I was convinced that rather than becoming a starving artist, I would have a better chance of making a living for myself and my two sons if I worked with another ability, so I survived as an Accountant/Bookkeeper for many years.

After making several trips to Austin to visit my sister, I was impressed by the art and culture of the city. So at the first opportunity, I moved to Austin to explore my creativity and to travel a new road of spiritual awareness.

A year ago, I went to the library in search of some books on Cloth Sculpting and, to my surprise, I saw a sign that said that a Doll Sculptors Club met there. I inquired about the club and found out that it was sculpting in polymer clay which was of interest to me as well. I was able to make my first meeting in a couple of weeks. As I looked at the dolls made by each member of the club, I was amazed at the quality of work. Every piece was absolutely beautiful! Then, I learned that Marilynn Huston taught classes on sculpting. I became so excited and vowed that I would take her class and learn how to sculpt. She is a wonderful teacher and taking her class started me on an exciting artistic journey.

Sculpting for me is a wonderful Spiritual Journey
for I know that what comes through me when I am sculpting is coming from a higher power who has graciously given me these gifts.

I can be reached at [email protected]


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